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Alex Brehm

Alex Brehm


I am a lifelong learner and curious individual living in Portland. Look for me at coffee shops, ethnic restaurants, and beer bars.

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Alex Brehm
39 tempat yang diperbarui Agustus 8, 2014
The OFFICIAL list of places that you might go during the week of Alex & Caitlin's wedding!
Alex Brehm
25 tempat yang diperbarui November 20, 2014
Some filming locations, some alleged locations, and some miscellaneous shout-outs from NBC's Grimm. (This is a work in progress. Bear with me while I locate more sites)
Alex Brehm
69 tempat yang diperbarui Februari 8, 2014
Visitors to Portland often want to visit this or that from the TV show Portlandia. So here's a list of all the thisses and thats.
Alex Brehm
87 tempat yang diperbarui Mei 19, 2014
Pubs, breweries, hotels and other historic sites to visit to complete the McMenamins Passport.
Alex Brehm
26 tempat yang diperbarui
26 tempat termasuk McMenamins Queen Anne, McMenamins Edgefield, McMenamins Spar Café, McMenamins East Vancouver Pub
Alex Brehm
191 tempat yang diperbarui
191 tempat termasuk The Stilly Diner, Alan Thompson Library, Anna Bannanas, New Seasons Market
    Tips Terbaru Alex
    "So many super helpful librarians!"
    Alex BrehmAlex Brehm · April 4, 2017
    · Longview, Amerika Serikat
    "Killer noodles, pretty good curries. I wish they had Tom Kha :("
    Alex BrehmAlex Brehm · April 4, 2017
    · Portland, Amerika Serikat
    "Don't worry... it's the same great staff as the old Green Dragon. More Rogue beers on tap? Sure. But there's still plenty to love here for any beer geek."
    Alex BrehmAlex Brehm · April 4, 2017
    Tempat Pembuatan Bir
    · Portland, Amerika Serikat
    "Get a customized wok or ramen bowl, then take it to the rooftop bar to eat with a beer 🍻"
    Alex BrehmAlex Brehm · Agustus 9, 2016
    Toko Kelontong
    · Portland, Amerika Serikat
    "Foot traffic has exploded since Pokemon Go was released. Lots of PokeStops... And also nature."
    Alex BrehmAlex Brehm · Agustus 9, 2016
    · Portland, Amerika Serikat
    "An honor-system based self serve kombucha speakeasy? Possibly the most Portland business ever."
    Alex BrehmAlex Brehm · Agustus 9, 2016
    Tempat Rahasia
    · Portland, Amerika Serikat