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  • 9.4

    Elmwood Park

    Taman 802 South 60th Street Omaha, NE

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    • Shawn F.
      Shawn Finley: "Family friendly park with trails to walk and ride your bike. Golf courses near and picnic areas too. Spend the day enjoying the outdoors, exercise, hang out with friends and let your kids play."
  • 9.0

    Aromas Coffeehouse

    Warung Kopi 6051 Maple St Omaha, NE

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    • Jordan B.
      Jordan Block: "One of the best coffee shops in OMA! Knowledgeable staff, great coffee and baked goods... Try a cup brewed by Chemex.. Slightly pricey, but worth it!"
  • 9.3

    Pitch Coal-Fire Pizzeria

    Tempat Pizza 5021 Underwood Ave Omaha, NE

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    • Mot
      Mot: "Well this was awesome 2 people carafe of sangria appetizer excellent pizza 50 bucks amazing service. I can't find anything to complain about 😃 (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)"
  • Orang-orang juga mengatakan (46 tips):

    • Jessica F.
      Jessica Fay: "The passageway is lovely during the holidays - restaurants and shopping. Spaghetti Works on the corner - free pasta refills! 🍝 Public ice skating. And so much more!"
  • 9.2

    Block 16

    Gastropub 1611 Farnam St Omaha, NE

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    • Ben V.
      Ben Vankat: "The Philly is excellent. The burgers are excellent. The gyros are excellent. The chicken tenders are excellent. And their daily special is usually even better. You get the point. Eat here."
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    • Big Omaha Tickets
      Big Omaha Tickets: "The Holland Center is the stunningly beautiful home of the Omaha Symphony. You can also find another great concerts in this acoustically perfect venue."

Orang-orang membicarakan tempat-tempat ini di Omaha:

  • 9.1

    Scott Aquarium

    Akuarium Henry Doorly Zoo Omaha, NE

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    • Jo W.
      Jo Whaley: "Don't miss the Cuttlefish or the easily overlooked Porcupine Crab (he's in with the Giant Japanese Spider Crabs)"
    • Erik R.
      Erik Rowley: "The renovation looks awesome, Im glad to see they updated this amazing exhibit! I remember in the early '90s when it was j a sliver of the present size. Glad to see the octopus are back!"
  • 9.2

    The Durham Museum

    Museum Sejarah 801 S 10th St Omaha, NE

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    • SD B.
      SD Burg: "If you like art deco, spend some time here. Traveling exhibits come through all the time so always something new to see. Make sure to stop by when the Christmas tree is up, always worth the trip."
    • April P.
      April Payne: "The traveling exhibits are always awesome. Be sure to stop by the Soda Fountain & Candy shop for a sweet treat on your way out!"
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    • Rob W.
      Rob Wiebusch: "Park further away during the College World Series. You'll park for free and that will leave more cash to spend on delicious snacks. Then you can walk the snacks off on your way back to the car. :-)"
    • Shawn F.
      Shawn Finley: "Good luck finding parking! It is a nice stadium. I go for the homerun derby and firework display every July. Lots of seating and good setup. Its just too bad they had to get rid of Rosenblatt."

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