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Mark B

Mark B


Brooklyn based. Lived in and loved Detroit and New Orleans. Opinions/tips here are my own, not my employer's.

Brooklyn, NY
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New York
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Mount Pleasant
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Mark B
33 tempat yang diperbarui April 30, 2016
33 tempat termasuk Mother's Restaurant, Plum Street Sno-Balls, Taqueria Corona, Crescent City Comics
Mark B
14 tempat yang diperbarui Agustus 29, 2013
14 tempat termasuk Nirvana Coffee Company, Provincetown, MA, Osterville Fish Too, Popponesset Marketplace
Mark B
11 tempat yang diperbarui November 30, 2016
11 tempat termasuk Five Points, Ruby Foo's, Central Park, Wafels & Dinges - Herald Square
Mark B
12 tempat yang diperbarui September 3, 2013
12 tempat termasuk Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel, Peekamoose Restaurant, Mower's Flea Market, Dia:Beacon
Mark B
8 tempat yang diperbarui Juni 30, 2012
8 tempat termasuk The Franklin Institute, Di Bruno Bros., Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse, Milk & Honey
Mark B
94 tempat yang diperbarui Oktober 30, 2019
94 tempat termasuk Under the Brooklyn Bridge, Bar Toto, Powerhouse Arena, Bar Tabac
    Tips Terbaru Mark
    "Um, don’t pay the money for the “skating” on the roof. It’s like a going on a air hockey table with forks on your feet. Not ice skating. False advertising. Nice view but boy was it disappointing."
    Mark BMark B · Desember 27, 2020
    Masakan Amerika Baru
    · Brooklyn, Amerika Serikat
    "My new favorite place for coffee and quick breakfast bite. Bacon, egg and cheese on a baguette is great."
    Mark BMark B · Maret 24, 2017
    · Brooklyn, Amerika Serikat
    "Is it bad when it takes 20 min 4 overpriced food 2 arrive & your cursing server passive aggressively calls you "sunshine"? Yes, yes it is. This place is the worst. #deathwatch in the food court."
    Mark BMark B · Agustus 18, 2016
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat
    "Good oysters."
    Mark BMark B · Januari 27, 2016
    Hidangan laut
    · Chicago, Amerika Serikat
    "Phenomenal. Go. Now."
    Mark BMark B · Januari 27, 2016
    · Chicago, Amerika Serikat
    "Alex is a master barber. Only guy I go to outside of my barber in Brooklyn. Shop is classic. Old school I'm the middle of a mall. Love it. Pricey but well well worth gents."
    Mark BMark B · Januari 20, 2016
    Salon / Tempat Pangkas Rambut
    · Chicago, Amerika Serikat