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    • 8.7
      Es Krim€€€
      Rykestr. 50, Berlin
      • Deborah S.

        Deborah S. • Mei 15Super tasty ice cream - all home made!

    • 8.5
      Warung Kopi€€€
      Neue Schönhauser Str. 12, Berlin
      • Elena S.

        Elena S. • Mei 1Good coffee, excellent vibes. Love ☕

    • 8.3
      Bänschstr. 91 (Pettenkoferstr.), Berlin
      • Matthias

        Matthias • Mei 21There‘s a new Pizza place in town. 😁 I went for broccoli & salsiccia with a bit of spicyness that I really enjoyed. Definitely, great if you enjoy a lively place with great pizza! 👌🏼😁

    • 8.3

      4. Frea

      Vegetarian / Vegan€€€€
      Torstr. 180 (Kleine Hamburger Str.), Berlin
      • Melani K.

        Melani K. • Juli 23Great quality yummy food. Loved everything we had here - the hummus plate, the linguini, dumpling, and even the bread. Thumbs up for the zero waste concept.

    • 8.2
      Masakan Jepang€€€€
      Kollwitzstr. 84 (Sredzkistr.), Berlin
      • Roshan G.

        Roshan G. • Mei 31This trendy restaurant has got all you crave for in Japanese food. Top quality with interesting twists in the menu like baby asparagus in my California rolls - Delicious!!

    • 7.9
      Lützowstr. 22, Berlin
      • Alice O.

        Alice O. • 2 minggu laluDelicious fresh salads and creative dishes. Great cake and coffee. Love the interior. Highly recommended.

    • ?
      Gipsstr. 2, Berlin
      • Megan Allison

        Megan Allison • 1 minggu laluI might be a class traitor but I thought it was entirely worth the €8. The "OG" was perfectly flavored, generous with the yogurt, the pide had personality, the wine was great. Get it, KWA

    • ?
      Warung Kopi€€€
      Invalidenstr. 1 (Brunnenstr.), Berlin
      • Achim H.

        Achim H. • 2 minggu laluSuper hipster place, so cool, the mimics of the salesperson are frozen. Brand new place but they cannot accept credit cards 😂. Everything is gluten free. To compensate the cake is filled with sugar.