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Saran untuk Bar Whisky dekat Amsterdam

    • 9.0
      Bar Whisky€€€€
      Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 82-84 (Leidesekruisstraat), Amsterdam
      • Paul L.

        Paul L. • Desember 13, 2014A true gem in Amsterdam. This family-run whiskey café has hundreds upon hundreds of whiskies; you'd be hard pressed to find a Scotch they don't have. Lovely setting and friendly staff.

    • 8.8
      Bar Whisky€€€
      Elandsgracht 84, Amsterdam
      • Ryan T.

        Ryan T. • Mei 25, 2017World class establishment. They craft cocktails to perfection. I love the penicillin drink- on the menu since day one! Rotating drink of the week. Expensive, but worth it for the service/atmosphere

    • 8.9
      Bar Whisky€€€€
      Gravenstraat 18, Amsterdam
      • Brian P.

        Brian P. • Juli 3, 2015The oldest bar in Amsterdam, as far as I know. The boswandeling drink is excellent; I get it every time! Definitely a place for lovers

    • 8.2
      Bar Whisky€€€
      Zeedijk 49, Amsterdam
      • High S.

        High S. • Oktober 11, 2018The bartender was perfect and created incredible atmosphere, good choice of beer and whisky. Highly recommend visiting this place.

    • 9.1
      Kolksteeg 3, Amsterdam
      • Phil C.

        Phil C. • November 18, 2009Although it is a beer bar at heart, one of the bartenders wrote a book on whisky. Ask him for some recommendations.

    • 8.5
      Spuistraat 318, Amsterdam
      • Sander K.

        Sander K. • Agustus 21, 2011Amazing rum, whisky and cognac collection. If you are in the near the spui square... Visit this bar and ask John for a nice drink;)

    • 7.2
      Bar Whisky€€€
      Prinsenstraat 5, Amsterdam
      • Janina C.

        Janina C. • Juli 21Very nice whisky & whiskey collection, personnel knows a lot, gives good recommendations and is super nice ! :)

    • 9.2
      Lijnbaanssteeg 5-7 ("Btwn De Singel & De Spuistraat), Amsterdam
      • Gabriel B.

        Gabriel B. • Januari 11, 2017Melhor bar. Os drinks com whisky são excelentes e vale muito também experimentar o drink defumado com maconha, que vem com uma redoma de vidro cheia de fumaça.

    • 8.9
      Rozenboomsteeg 4 (Kalverstraat), Amsterdam
      • Rozina S.

        Rozina S. • November 4, 2015The Rozenboomsteeg alley is where the Café de Dokter is based. This tiny and really old bar has a large selection of whiskies.

    • ?
      Bar Whisky€€€
      Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 129, Amsterdam
      • Frans J.

        Frans J. • Juli 7, 2011Order a "koetje", special shot. The taste is faboulus!

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