Travel Guide to Tokyo
Fuglen Tokyo is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

1. Fuglen Tokyo

富ヶ谷1-16-11, 渋谷区, 東京都
Warung Kopi · 162 tips dan ulasan

Sara A.Sara AlOfaysan: Great specialized coffee 👍, hidden gem in Tokyo.

Meiji Jingu Shrine is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

2. Meiji Jingu Shrine

代々木神園町1-1, Tokyo, 東京都
Tempat Suci · 明治神宮 · 210 tips dan ulasan

JojoJojo: An extremely peaceful and well-maintained shrine. Come here to get away from the hustle and bustle and appreciate some culture and religion.

KIDDY LAND is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.


(キデイランド 原宿店)
神宮前6-1-9, Tokyo, 東京都
Toko Mainan / Game · 北青山 · 98 tips dan ulasan

Taylor M.Taylor McKnight: Allot ~1 hour to enjoy 5 levels of awesome toys. Good gifts!

Fu-unji is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

4. Fu-unji

代々木2-14-3 (北斗第一ビル 1F), Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Ramen · 西新宿 · 134 tips dan ulasan

Trish F.Trish F: Delicious, rich tskumen ramen. Got there 12.30pm on Thurs, wait was 40min but feels like it moves quickly.

Yoyogi Park is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

5. Yoyogi Park

代々木神園町/神南2, Tokyo, 東京都
Taman · 明治神宮 · 153 tips dan ulasan

Jesse J.Jesse Johnston: Given the sheer size of the park, you'd never know how many people were there, but it's very obviously a popular spot. Alcohol and picnics are encouraged and there's a dedicated bike path for cyclists

Mori Art Museum is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

6. Mori Art Museum

六本木6-10-1 (六本木ヒルズ森タワー 53F), Tokyo, 東京都
Museum Seni · 元麻布 · 109 tips dan ulasan

Juan B.Juan Buis: Dont miss this place if you're in Tokyo - great art on the 53rd floor. Sky Deck is more than worth it, especially at night.

Saya no Yudokoro is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

7. Saya no Yudokoro

(前野原温泉 さやの湯処)
前野町3-41-1, 板橋区, 東京都
Mata Air Panas · 54 tips dan ulasan

BubbleBubble: Onsen in a suburban quiet Tokyo area. It's more original and cheap. You get a towel for some extra bucks. Has a restaurant, a zen garden, sauna, jacuzzi and a relaxing spring in the open.

Ippodo Tea is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

8. Ippodo Tea

丸の内3-1-1 (丸の内仲通り), Tokyo, 東京都
Ruang Teh · 丸の内 · 30 tips dan ulasan

Adam M.Adam McNamara: The staff was kind and extremely helpful and their menu is bilingual (Japanese and English). The atmosphere is warm, quiet, and reflective.

Nezu Museum is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

9. Nezu Museum

南青山6-5-1, Tokyo, 東京都
Museum Seni · 青山 · 82 tips dan ulasan

Emanuel H.Emanuel Hahn: Fantastic museum with a beautiful garden. Tranquil.

Tsutaya Books is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

10. Tsutaya Books

(代官山 蔦屋書店)
猿楽町17-5 (代官山T-SITE), 渋谷区, 東京都
Toko Buku · Daikanyama · 179 tips dan ulasan

Amiro P.Amiro P.: What a great place to hang out, chill have a coffee and read. One of the best book shops I've ever visited. it's open everyday until 2am so no need to hurry

Tonkatsu Tonki is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

11. Tonkatsu Tonki

(とんかつ とんき)
下目黒1-1-2, Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Tonkatsu · 目黒 · 85 tips dan ulasan

David N.David Noël: Everything about this place! Love it. Come at 4pm when they open to watch the team get into action. Get the fatty option. Mustard is some of the best, goes straight into your nose.

Hey - Hirose Entertainment Yard is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

12. Hey - Hirose Entertainment Yard

(Hey ヒロセエンターテイメントヤード)
外神田1-10-5 (廣瀬本社ビル), Tokyo, 東京都
Arkade · 外神田 · 44 tips dan ulasan

DensDens: Head up to the 4th floor (?) to find the ¥10 Super Street Fighter 2 machines. There's only four of them so be patient!

Itasoba Kaoriya is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

13. Itasoba Kaoriya

(板蕎麦 香り家)
恵比寿4-3-10 (中出センチュリーパーク 1F), Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Soba · 恵比寿 · 73 tips dan ulasan

Dan C.Dan Castellano: So good, my favorite soba in Tokyo. I recommend getting the larger cut 'futokiri' soba with sesame dipping sauce, divine.

JBS is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

14. JBS

道玄坂1-17-10 (第2宝ビル 2F), Tokyo, 東京都
Klub Jazz · 桜丘町 · 40 tips dan ulasan

Andreas S.Andreas Serna: 10,000+ records collected over 40 years by the owner and solo bartender! Ultra chill vibe. All drinks are 500 yen including many different whiskies and pour over coffee made carefully. Diverse crowd.

Ginza Kyubey is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

15. Ginza Kyubey

(銀座 久兵衛)
銀座8-7-6, Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Sushi · 銀座 · 87 tips dan ulasan

Jo A.Jo Aldous: The 16 piece sushi set for ¥15000 was awesome. Each piece made freshly in front of you.

New York Bar is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

16. New York Bar

西新宿3-7-1-2 (パークハイアット東京 52F), Tokyo, 東京都
Bar Hotel · 西新宿 · 169 tips dan ulasan

Ben K.Ben Kessler (@kessler): Sip a drink, enjoy the view, and realize you're nowhere near as cool as Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.

Sakura Tei is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

17. Sakura Tei

神宮前3-20-1, Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Okonomiyaki · 神宮前 · 59 tips dan ulasan
Bar High Five is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

18. Bar High Five

銀座5-4-15 (エフローレギンザ5ビル B1F), Tokyo, 東京都
Bar Koktail · 銀座 · 77 tips dan ulasan

Ruby A.Ruby Anaya: Just be prepared to tell them one or two flavors/spirits you like and prepare to be amazed. The gin and ginger combo I had was phenomenal. They also serve little snacks while you drink.

Tsukiji Market is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

19. Tsukiji Market

築地5-2-1, Tokyo, 東京都
Pasar · 築地 · 273 tips dan ulasan

Simple DiscoveriesSimple Discoveries: Wake up really early (or don't sleep) if you want to hit the Tuna Auction as only 120 spots available. A 3am arrival got us there just in time!

Daiwa Sushi is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

20. Daiwa Sushi

築地5-2-1 (魚がし横丁6号館), Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Sushi · 築地 · 92 tips dan ulasan

Janice C.Janice Chow: Came here at 6:45am on a Tuesday and waited for 15 mins only. Around 20 seats in the restaurant so come early! Def get the omakase - the sushi is really fresh!! 👌🏻😬

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

21. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)

三好4-1-1, 江東区, 東京都
Museum Seni · 江東区 · 48 tips dan ulasan

Arjan T.Arjan T: Fantastic modern-art museum. Large building that houses special exhibits and a rotating selection of its collection. If you want to get a taste of avant-garde Tokyo, this is the place for you.

Maruichi Bagel is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

22. Maruichi Bagel

白金1-15-22, Tokyo, 東京都
Toko Roti Bagel · 広尾 · 23 tips dan ulasan

Daniel M.Daniel Marder: Best Bagels in Japan. Open Wednesday through Thursday no sign look for the building with the spiral fire escape staircase out front. Great cream cheese flavors doubles the price of your lunch-do it!

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

23. 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT

赤坂9-7-6 (東京ミッドタウン ガーデン内), Tokyo, 東京都
Galeri Seni · 六本木 · 53 tips dan ulasan

Hampus A.Hampus Andersson: Wonderful art gallery. A must for all creatives!

Deus Ex Machina is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

24. Deus Ex Machina

神宮前3-29-5, Tokyo, 東京都
Warung Kopi · 神宮前 · 91 tips dan ulasan

sputneeksputneek: This way-too-cool bike-surfshop cum café tucked in a Harajuku lane serves really good coffee. Sandwiches are hearty meals with fries and salad. Really nice place to just 'zone out' from the crowd.

COMMUNE 2nd is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

25. COMMUNE 2nd

南青山3-13, Tokyo, 東京都
Kumpulan Makanan Kaki Lima · 青山 · 62 tips dan ulasan

ViridianneViridianne: Cool, chill hipster grounds. Something for everyone I think; greasy food, healthy vegetarian, curries, fish, seafood.

Kagari is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

26. Kagari

(銀座 篝)
銀座4-4-1 (銀座Aビル 1F), Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Ramen · 銀座 · 114 tips dan ulasan

Lucky PeachLucky Peach: The ramen they serve is a really rich tori paitan, or creamy chicken broth. You can get a variety of beautiful toppings. Baca selengkapnya.

Harajuku Gyoza Lou is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

27. Harajuku Gyoza Lou

神宮前6-2-4 (岡島ビル), Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Bakso · 神宮前 · 267 tips dan ulasan

Ellis H.Ellis Hamburger: Incredible gyoza, but somehow the cucumbers with miso sauce were my favorite part 😸

Top of Mt. Takao is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

28. Top of Mt. Takao

(高尾山 山頂)
高尾町 (高尾山), 八王子市, 東京都
Gunung · 八王子 · 62 tips dan ulasan

Hampus A.Hampus Andersson: Fantastic view from this mountain. A very enjoyable hike. Do you dare take the chair lift? It's exhilarating!

Senso-ji Temple is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

29. Senso-ji Temple

浅草2-3-1, Tokyo, 東京都
Kuil Budha · 浅草 · 251 tips dan ulasan

Menno W.Menno Wildeboer: Try to go at night. Less busy, beautiful lighting.

Satei Hato is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

30. Satei Hato

(茶亭 羽當)
渋谷1-15-19 (二葉ビル 1F), 渋谷区, 東京都
Kafe · 98 tips dan ulasan

Kailey L.Kailey L.: The chiffon cake here is superb! Very light and airy. Iced milk tea is good as well, plus they use pretty cups for coffee and tea. Japanese menu only so download a translate app before coming.

Shinjuku Gyoen is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

31. Shinjuku Gyoen

内藤町11, Tokyo, 東京都
Kebun · 新宿御苑 · 163 tips dan ulasan

Magdalena M.Magdalena Mrázková: You pay 200yen at the entrance but it's more than worth it. Gardens are so beautiful, and the grass is more than inviting to sit on;)

Dover Street Market Ginza is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

32. Dover Street Market Ginza

銀座6-9-5 (ギンザコマツ 西館 1F-6F), Tokyo, 東京都
Toko Pakaian · 銀座 · 50 tips dan ulasan

FMDFMD: great selection of both young and established designers from around the world 💪🏻 art work and installations too.

Baird Taproom Harajuku is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

33. Baird Taproom Harajuku

神宮前1-20-13 (ノーサレンダービル 2F), Tokyo, 東京都
Bar Bir · 原宿 · 62 tips dan ulasan

Alex N.Alex Nguyen: everything is good here. craft beer flights for ¥1000. 500 mL glasses for same price. food is delicious and reasonable— grilled fish, yakitori, beer batter karaage, etc. amazing atmosphere. so fun!

Jomon is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

34. Jomon

六本木5-9-17 (藤森ビル 1F), Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Yakitori · 六本木 · 101 tips dan ulasan

Maria Elisabetta G.Maria Elisabetta Gungui: Nice ambience, friendly staff, delicious skewers (start with the tasting menu to make sure you get something unusual and you'll be surprised how gorgeous they all are), generous sake/shō-chū servings!

Shin is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

35. Shin

代々木2-20-16 (相馬ビル 1F), Tokyo, 東京都
Restoran Udon · 西新宿 · 133 tips dan ulasan

Vincent T.Vincent Tan: Butter pepper udon with soft boiled egg is nothing short of amazing.

Shinshu Osake Mura is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

36. Shinshu Osake Mura

新橋2-20-15 (新橋駅前ビル1号館 1F), Tokyo, 東京都
Bar Sake · 浜離宮庭園 · 17 tips dan ulasan

Guy B.Guy Blonde: Try the samplers. 3 sake for 550 yen. Great place.

Seirinkan is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

37. Seirinkan

上目黒2-6-4, Tokyo, 東京都
Tempat Pizza · 中目黒 · 49 tips dan ulasan

Jeff F.Jeff Forbes: Everyone who has gone to Tokyo has told me that this pizza is stellar. They are not wrong. Living in NYC we get tons of great pizza but man, this is maybe the best I've ever had. Get the Margherita.

Himitsudo is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

38. Himitsudo

谷中3-11-18, Tokyo, 東京都
Toko Es Krim · 千駄木 · 57 tips dan ulasan

Reese W.Reese W: Fantastic. Seasonal selections are delicious.

Bar Trench is one of Travel Guide to Tokyo.

39. Bar Trench

恵比寿西1-5-8 (1F), 渋谷区, 東京都
Bar Koktail · 39 tips dan ulasan

Dan C.Dan Castellano: Amazing assortment of drinks, personally a big fan of the Cachaça Martinez, but give the bartender an idea of what you like and they will hook you up with a drink that works.