Gareth Seltzer

Gareth Seltzer


Social entrepreneur, fan/investor RYOT.ORG

Toronto, Canada
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San Francisco
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Gareth Seltzer
2 tempat yang diperbarui Juli 18, 2014
2 tempat termasuk Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport, The Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar
Gareth Seltzer
1 tempat yang diperbarui Januari 13, 2012
1 tempat termasuk Frolic Room
Gareth Seltzer
1 tempat yang diperbarui Februari 15, 2013
1 tempat termasuk Seltzer - Private Residence
Gareth Seltzer
6 tempat yang diperbarui
6 tempat termasuk Harvest Wagon, Fieramosca Cafe, TTC 510 Spadina Streetcar, Bram & Bluma Appel Salon (Toronto Reference Library)
Gareth Seltzer
51 tempat yang diperbarui
51 tempat termasuk Ghazale, The Harbord Room, Cardiac Rehabilitation, The Common
    Tips Terbaru Gareth
    "Little known fact is that they have an awesome butcher at the back of the store. Usually tended by mike the butcher, they have really great sides that they will cut right there as you want it."
    Gareth SeltzerGareth Seltzer · April 5, 2014
    Toko Serba Ada
    · Glen Orchard, Kanada
    "It's a great place to stop for hot food and a drink on the trails. Just off C - take 16 west for 5 minutes on lake Kapakog"
    Gareth SeltzerGareth Seltzer · Maret 14, 2014
    Masakan Amerika
    · Kanada
    "Exceptional service - nice people"
    Gareth SeltzerGareth Seltzer · Februari 21, 2014
    · Nassau, Bahama
    "A full house to see cool films. And $7 for a feature ain't bad either! Wouldn't mind knowing more about why the film was selected but they sure pick great films to view. Highly recommend."
    Gareth SeltzerGareth Seltzer · Februari 12, 2014
    · Bracebridge, Kanada
    "Expensive, polite, they love dogs. Always left feeling like the doctor intended for me to feel like I had just met with a Nobel laureate. And I was just a simple man. Which I am. But is he a laureate?"
    Gareth SeltzerGareth Seltzer · November 12, 2013
    · Toronto, Kanada
    "Tip above says "spend the extra money". I'm thinking..... What EXTRA money? Whose got extra?"
    Gareth SeltzerGareth Seltzer · September 20, 2013
    · North York, Kanada