Commercial Taphouse is one of Favorites.

1. Commercial Taphouse

111 N Robinson St (btwn Floyd & Grove), Richmond, VA
Gastropub · The Fan · 28 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Some of our favorite beers are of the old school: unfiltered, unpasteurized, and hand pumped from a cask at cellar temperature. Commercial Taphouse usually has a cask ale on tap, try it out!

Commercial Taphouse is one of Favorites.

2. Commercial Taphouse

111 N Robinson St (btwn Floyd & Grove), Richmond, VA
Gastropub · The Fan · 28 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Don't drink on an empty stomach! Grab an order of their deliciously simple chicken wings: a variation on Buffalo wings with Cajun seasoning, tossed with butter and hot sauce.

DeLuca Gelato is one of Favorites.

3. DeLuca Gelato

1362 Gaskins Rd, Henrico County, VA
Kios Es Krim · 17 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Perfect is the only appropriate descriptor for the pistacchio gelato--such an expert an expression of flavor.

Dinamo is one of Favorites.

4. Dinamo

821 W Cary St (Cherry St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Italia · VCU · 12 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Try the house-made spinach fettuccine with marinara. You’ll be grateful for the lingering flavors of the tangy, garlicky sauce as a reminder of a delicious lunch.

8 1/2 is one of Favorites.

5. 8 1/2

401 Strawberry St, Richmond, VA
Restoran Piza · The Fan · 25 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Hope you like your pizza spicy, because that’s what you’ll get when you order up a red pizza. The crust almost steals the show, however: perfectly crisp (and foldable!) with herbs dusting the edges.

Enoteca Sogno is one of Favorites.

6. Enoteca Sogno

1223 Bellevue Ave (Brook Rd), Richmond, VA
Restoran Italia · Bellevue · 9 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Enoteca Sogno’s tender gnocchi covered in a traditional pesto alla Genovese are the perfect way to celebrate summer.

Saison is one of Favorites.

7. Saison

23 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA
Bar Koktail · Jackson Ward · 36 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The pork chop is brined with piloncillo–a paste derived from unrefined, crushed sugar cane. It's one of the juiciest you'll ever have.

Peter Chang Cafe is one of Favorites.

8. Peter Chang Cafe

11408 W Broad St, Glen Allen, VA
Restoran Cina · Short Pump · 71 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The Spicy Dan Dan Noodles are infused with fiery heat from the punishingly delicious Sichuan chillies. There’s no shame in asking for a side of white rice to cool things down.

Rappahannock Restaurant is one of Favorites.

9. Rappahannock Restaurant

320-322 E Grace St (4th Street And E Grace St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Hidangan Laut · City Center · 55 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: At Rappahannock Restaurant, chef Dylan Fultineer serves perfectly cooked Virginia scallops surrounding rich, beefy braised oxtail and roasted cauliflower coated in a healthy dose of curry powder.

Dutch & Co. is one of Favorites.

10. Dutch & Co.

400 N 27th St (Marshall St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Amerika Baru · Church Hill · 27 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The "Cheese" is a beautiful arrangement of apple, spätzle, smoked duck lardons, escarole, date puree, and cheese sauce, all centered around the star ingredient: slices of Cabot cloth-bound cheddar.

Dot's Back Inn is one of Favorites.

11. Dot's Back Inn

4030 MacArthur Ave, Richmond, VA
Rumah Makan · Bellevue · 57 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The pigs in a blanket use spicy Andouille sausage instead of standard links. Each half is tucked inside a sweet and delicate pancake.

Chiocca's Downstairs Deli & Bar is one of Favorites.

12. Chiocca's Downstairs Deli & Bar

425 N Belmont Ave (Kensington Ave), Richmond, VA
Toko Sandwich · The Museum District · 37 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: We may be hundreds of miles from The Big Apple, but Chiocca’s knows how to do a classic pastrami on rye right: thin slices of hot pastrami piled high on toasted rye bread with a side of chips.

Penny Lane Pub is one of Favorites.

13. Penny Lane Pub

421 E Franklin St (at N 5th St), Richmond, VA
Pub · City Center · 75 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Their variation on shepherd’s pie--beef instead of lamb–will fill you up with its layers of minced meat, carrots, peas, and mashed potatoes.

Cupertino's NY Bagels & Deli is one of Favorites.

14. Cupertino's NY Bagels & Deli

3621 Cox Rd, Richmond, VA
Toko Roti Bagel · 22 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Try the Taylor Lumberjack! A fresh poppy seed bagel piled high with Taylor Pork Roll along with some eggs and cheese. Grab a fistful of napkins, and find a comfy spot to sleep off your food coma.

Can Can Brasserie is one of Favorites.

15. Can Can Brasserie

3120 W Cary St (btwn S Auburn & S Belmont Ave), Richmond, VA
Restoran Perancis · Carytown · 131 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Their cinnamon roll is crisp, buttery, flaky, and less sweet; reminiscent of their croissants. Pair it with one of their rich hot chocolates!

Lamplighter Roasting Co. is one of Favorites.

16. Lamplighter Roasting Co.

116 S Addison St (at Parkwood Ave), Richmond, VA
Warung Kopi · The Fan · 114 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: For breakfast that looks as pretty as it tastes, get the parfait. Lamplighter’s own granola tops off layers of yogurt and fresh fruit, inside one of these lovely, faceted Mason jars.

Lehja Indian Restaurant is one of Favorites.

17. Lehja Indian Restaurant

11800 W Broad St (at Short Pump Town Center), Richmond, VA
Restoran India · 45 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: For dinner try the Goan Lamb Vin d’alho. The meat is extraordinarily tender and well-seasoned, while the chili-tomato sauce demands an order of naan to soak up what’s left behind.

Phở Số 1 is one of Favorites.

18. Phở Số 1

6403 Rigsby Rd (at Pinehaven Rd), Richmond, VA
Restoran Vietnam · 54 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Phở tai, nam (#11 on the menu) includes thin slices of beef that cook all the way through from the heat of the broth. Add some sprouts or Thai basil and maybe some chili paste if you’re adventurous.

Alamo BBQ is one of Favorites.

19. Alamo BBQ

2202 Jefferson Ave (22nd St.), Richmond, VA
Kedai BBQ · Church Hill · 88 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The brisket sandwich is piled with slices of gloriously smokey meat cut just the right thickness. It's finished off with some onions, jalapeños, and their tangy sauce on a toasted bun.

Well-Made Pastry Alliance is one of Favorites.

20. Well-Made Pastry Alliance

2707 E Marshall St, Richmond, VA
Toko Roti · Church Hill · 28 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The apple pie is as good as it gets--the sweet crumb topping, tender filling, and the crust! The cheese is optional, of course.

The Roosevelt is one of Favorites.

21. The Roosevelt

623 N 25th St (M St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Makanan Khas Selatan · 56 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: These mussels are on the appetizer list, but the addition of spicy Sausage Craft chorizo and grilled bread means you could almost make a meal of it.

Proper Pie Co. is one of Favorites.

22. Proper Pie Co.

2505 E Broad St Ste 100 (N 25th St), Richmond, VA
Toko Roti · Church Hill · 49 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Try the kumara (that's Kiwi for sweet potato) and chicken pie. The flakey, buttery crust literally and figuratively holds it all together.

Secco Wine Bar is one of Favorites.

23. Secco Wine Bar

325 N Robinson St (at S Sheppard St), Richmond, VA
Bar Anggur · Carytown · 45 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The burrata starts with fresh mozzarella surrounding a mixture of mozzarella curd and cream. The resulting cheese is rich and spreadable, perfect for the accompanying grilled Billy Bread.

Heritage is one of Favorites.

24. Heritage

1627 W Main St (S Vine St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Amerika · The Fan · 55 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese has all the classic breakfast sandwich flavors in a dinner medium plate: smokey tomato, slow-cooked soft egg, cheese foam, bagel chip, house-made bacon, and chives.

Bev's Homemade Ice Cream is one of Favorites.

25. Bev's Homemade Ice Cream

2911 W Cary St (btw Sheppard & Colonial), Richmond, VA
Kios Es Krim · Carytown · 38 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The Shockoe Split is three different flavors of ice cream, a sliced banana that's covered in strawberries, hot fudge, whipped cream, and an extra topping of your choosing. Bring a friend!

BonChon Chicken is one of Favorites.

26. BonChon Chicken

8026 W Broad St Ste A, Henrico County, VA
Restoran Korea · 29 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Order wings or drumsticks for the lunch special, and you’ll bite into the crunchiest fried chicken in town.

Curry Craft is one of Favorites.

27. Curry Craft

2915 W Cary St, Richmond, VA
Restoran India · Carytown · 12 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The Tellicherry Chicken Rotti: fork-tender pieces of chicken covered in a rich spice mixture, with the plate ringed by a bright mango sauce that adds inviting color and flavor. So good!

En Su Boca is one of Favorites.

28. En Su Boca

1001 N Boulevard (at Myers St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Meksiko · Fan - Oregon Hill - Carver · 79 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: We love the tender carne asada and spicy house-made chorizo tacos, both of which are covered in a tasty salsa verde.

Thai Diner is one of Favorites.

29. Thai Diner

8059 W Broad St, Richmond, VA
Restoran Thailand · 22 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Thai Diner is a welcome break for the West End office crowd with quick service and a variety of flavorful dishes, including the 'Amazing Thai'.

Jo-Jo's Pizza is one of Favorites.

30. Jo-Jo's Pizza

1201 E Main St (at S 12th St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Piza · Downtown Richmond · 26 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: While they're known for NY-style pizza, they also take that same wonderful pizza dough and stuff it with mozzarella, creamy ricotta, and any of their pizza toppings to make a tasty calzone.

Comfort is one of Favorites.

31. Comfort

200 W Broad St (at N Jefferson St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Makanan Khas Selatan · Jackson Ward · 70 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Whether it’s smoked, grilled, or roasted, the pork tenderloin is always juicy and flavorful.

The Continental Westhampton is one of Favorites.

32. The Continental Westhampton

5704 Grove Ave, Richmond, VA
Restoran Amerika · Westhampton · 53 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The excellent, crunchy chips are a great addition to an all-beef footlong hot dog you could share with a couple of friends.

Sugar Shack Donuts is one of Favorites.

33. Sugar Shack Donuts

1001 N Lombardy St (at W Leigh St), Richmond, VA
Toko Donat · Carver · 84 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The Samoa doughnut is covered with Sugar Shack’s fantastic caramel (used on many other varieties), toasted coconut, and chocolate frosting.

The Urban Farmhouse Market & Café is one of Favorites.

34. The Urban Farmhouse Market & Café

1217 E Cary St (at S 13th St), Richmond, VA
Warung Kopi · Shockoe Slip · 73 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The oatmeal is not the glue-like rolled oats of your childhood but a bowl full of wholegrain oats topped with an assortment of fresh seasonal fruit. It'll keep you full all the way to lunch.

The Magpie is one of Favorites.

35. The Magpie

1301 W Leigh St, Richmond, VA
Gastropub · Carver · 17 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The Magpie’s Owen Lane knows how to work with meat, and that is seen and tasted most clearly in his house-made sausage.

The Black Sheep is one of Favorites.

36. The Black Sheep

901 W Marshall St (at Goshen St.), Richmond, VA
Toko Sandwich · Carver · 131 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The sausage gravy and biscuits make a proper example with fresh, buttery biscuits and a sausage gravy that’s never gloppy. You won’t leave hungry.

Garnett's is one of Favorites.

37. Garnett's

2001 Park Ave (at N Meadow St), Richmond, VA
Toko Sandwich · The Fan · 53 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Our pick is the German-style ham sandwich, served nearly overflowing with Black Forest ham and sharp cheddar cheese between slices of whole wheat toast.

Akida Japanese is one of Favorites.

38. Akida Japanese

606 N Sheppard St (at Park Ave), Richmond, VA
Restoran Sushi · The Museum District · 34 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The chicken udon soup is like a comforting chicken noodle soup--by way of Japan.

Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe is one of Favorites.

39. Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe

5812 Grove Ave (Libbie Ave), Richmond, VA
Toko Kue Mangkuk · Three Chopt · 27 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Try the Double Trouble: chocolate frosting on devil’s food cake!

Coppola's Deli is one of Favorites.

40. Coppola's Deli

2900 W Cary St (at Colonial St.), Richmond, VA
Restoran Italia · Carytown · 22 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The cheese steak! Beef that’s perfectly browned but never dried out and provolone melting into the steak creating a savory amalgam tucked into a crusty, fresh sub roll.

Can Can Brasserie is one of Favorites.

41. Can Can Brasserie

3120 W Cary St (btwn S Auburn & S Belmont Ave), Richmond, VA
Restoran Perancis · Carytown · 131 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: How do you make a grilled ham and gruyere sandwich, covered in creamy béchamel sauce, even more comforting and rich? You put a fried egg on top and call a croque madame.

Cupertino's NY Bagels & Deli is one of Favorites.

42. Cupertino's NY Bagels & Deli

3621 Cox Rd, Richmond, VA
Toko Roti Bagel · 22 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The meatball parmesan sub will warm you up from the inside out!

The Roosevelt is one of Favorites.

43. The Roosevelt

623 N 25th St (M St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Makanan Khas Selatan · 56 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The Smith Cross Road cocktail is a coupe full of Virginia warmth to complement a crisp fall evening.

The Cask Cafe is one of Favorites.

44. The Cask Cafe

206 S Robinson St (Grayland), Richmond, VA
Taman Bir · The Fan · 14 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: It’s hard to beat the sausage and gouda panini. Get the “Saturday Nite” sausage (made with Hardywood Singel and Sriracha) for a little zing to go with the creamy melted cheese and crunchy Billy Bread.

Dixie Donuts is one of Favorites.

45. Dixie Donuts

2901 W Cary St (S Colonial Ave), Richmond, VA
Toko Donat · Carytown · 23 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: The Aztec: A chocolate donut comes slathered in a spiced chocolate frosting with powdered sugar and candied pumpkin seeds on top. Uncommon flavor combinations, but uncommonly tasty, too.

Heritage is one of Favorites.

46. Heritage

1627 W Main St (S Vine St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Amerika · The Fan · 55 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Head over to Heritage and defrost with the wintery "Business in the Front/Party in the Back cocktail"--laced with alluring, spiced notes that are welcome all the way to spring.

Burger Bach is one of Favorites.

47. Burger Bach

10 S Thompson St (S Nansemond St), Richmond, VA
Kedai Burger · Carytown · 97 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Burger Bach's take on Oyster's Rockefeller: Four plump oysters on the half shell, resting on a bed of fries, are roasted under a cover of cream, garlic, breadcrumbs, Pernod, and parmesan.

Sub Rosa Bakery is one of Favorites.

48. Sub Rosa Bakery

620 N 25th St (Jefferson Ave.), Richmond, VA
Toko Roti · Church Hill · 30 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Sub Rosa bakes nearly perfect croissants, but they also know how to add the right ingredients to elevate the humble roll. Our favorite version is the salami and cheese croissant.

Anokha is one of Favorites.

49. Anokha

4015 Lauderdale Dr, Richmond, VA
Restoran India · 30 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Order the South Indian Chettinadu-style curry. The poultry is tender and juicy, and the spicy sauce is both sweet and tangy with flavors of star anise, tamarind, and cumin.

Saison is one of Favorites.

50. Saison

23 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA
Bar Koktail · Jackson Ward · 36 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Grab a seat at Saison’s bar and embrace all things dark and tasty, shaken into spiritous froth to make a Death Star Flip.

Kuba Kuba is one of Favorites.

51. Kuba Kuba

1601 Park Ave (N Lombardy St), Richmond, VA
Restoran Kuba · The Fan · 109 tips dan ulasan

RVANewsRVANews: Bring a friend, and share an order of the Kuban roast pork. You’ll receive a bowl piled high with tender mojo-marinated pork, black beans and rice, and lightly fried, smashed plantains.