places Charlie wishes Jay would avoid
Loco Hills, New Mexico is one of places Charlie wishes Jay would avoid.

1. Loco Hills, New Mexico

Loco Hills, NM
Kota · 1 tips

Kenny 💀 D.Kenny 💀 Dale: Judging by the sudden mass exodus of attending crowds and the blood curdling screams of the hapless Judges , we can proudly claim our annual Chili Cookoff was a great success !

2. Holt, MO Rest Area, South-bound

Area istirahat · 9 tips dan ulasan

Samuel T.Samuel Turk: I'm creepy and I'm here at 5:30pm pooping.

3. Exxon

256 Fleming Road, Henderson, NC
SPBU · 16 tips dan ulasan

Christopher M.Christopher Melton: This place is like something out of a horror movie

4. Exxon

256 Fleming Road, Henderson, NC
SPBU · 16 tips dan ulasan

Donovan D.Donovan D: Free parking the only plus for this place...i dont care if you've been in worse places...this place is a shit hole

5. ConAgra Foods

801 Dye Mill Rd (W. Main Street), Troy, OH
Struktur · 3 tips dan ulasan

Kenny S.Kenny S. ☜ ヅ: Watch out for Ginger Truckers trying to hump your leg

6. Chamber Fry Rice

Big Red, Fontana, CA
Restoran Bebek Peking · Tak ada tips atau ulasan

7. Flying J

3231 East 181st Avenue, Hebron, IN
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Jim T.Jim T💪💗😊: This is to all the Fuck-tards out there who are too lazy to take your mess to the trash. Whatever you throw on the ground another human has to touch it. Respect yourself and respect others morons!!!