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George Spartan

George Spartan


He whispered, A scant veil gently drapes barely concealing the underside of warm pedals unfolded reveal tenderest essence no longer kept secret from my senses.

NYC USA - (@)Y(@) mmmmmm (i)
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  • Astoria
  • Brooklyn
  • New York
  • East Elmhurst
  • Los Angeles
  • Woodside
  • Queens
  • Orlando
  • Maspeth
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Kota Teratas George
6 Daftar Dibuat · 68 Tips
5 Daftar Dibuat · 7 Tips
New York
4 Daftar Dibuat · 2 Tips
East Elmhurst
2 Daftar Dibuat · 3 Tips
Los Angeles
3 Daftar Dibuat · 1 Tips
4 Daftar Dibuat
1 Daftar Dibuat · 3 Tips
3 Daftar Dibuat
1 Daftar Dibuat · 2 Tips
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Daftar Terbaru George
George Spartan
23 tempat yang diperbarui Maret 22, 2013
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George Spartan
2 tempat yang diperbarui Maret 9, 2014
2 tempat termasuk Brooklyn Central Booking, Riker's Island
George Spartan
3 tempat yang diperbarui Agustus 5, 2013
3 tempat termasuk Astoria, International Meat Market
George Spartan
45 tempat yang diperbarui Agustus 23, 2016
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George Spartan
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George Spartan
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    Tips Terbaru George
    "Nice location with ocean views cut really just a shack to service hotel patrons. Closes early by around 4pm."
    George SpartanGeorge Spartan · September 2, 2016
    Bar Pantai
    · Montauk, Amerika Serikat
    "Italian ices and much more! Every location has every flavor imaginable and much more. Try the specialty cream ices and shakes! Fun every time!"
    George SpartanGeorge Spartan · September 2, 2016
    Es Krim
    · Amerika Serikat
    "For Astoria Family it has plenty of parking- much more than pizza or a pizzeria more like an Italian bistro or trattoria reasonably $$ priced. The soups, pastas and Italian dishes won't disappoint."
    George SpartanGeorge Spartan · September 2, 2016
    Masakan Italia
    · Astoria, Amerika Serikat
    "Hands down the finest Italian salamuria in Astoria. Amazing sandwiches, Italian dishes & delights that are better than any other Italian Astoria deli. Many imported canned and jarred goods from Italy."
    George SpartanGeorge Spartan · September 2, 2016
    Deli / Bodega
    · Astoria, Amerika Serikat
    "Every time and everything is hot and steamy here. All you have to do is coax and you melt your host."
    George SpartanGeorge Spartan · September 2, 2016
    · Astoria, Amerika Serikat
    "This is a classic Greek taverna is the only restaurant by Astoria park & won't disappoint. Classic Hellenic Peloponnesian Arcadian app's & dishes you won't find anywhere else. The finest ingredients!"
    George SpartanGeorge Spartan · September 2, 2016
    Masakan Yunani
    · Astoria, Amerika Serikat