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a wee queer fae

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Ellie Pines
8 tempat yang diperbarui September 28, 2019
8 tempat termasuk Sandy Pony Donuts, Sea Star Cafe, Sugarbakers, Poseidon's Pantry Gourmet Grocery & Deli
Ellie Pines
27 tempat yang diperbarui Oktober 29, 2013
Just my personal favorite haunts in the C-Ville area.
Ellie Pines
17 tempat yang diperbarui Agustus 5, 2013
Best places to take your out-of-town friends who want to be all touristy.
Ellie Pines
6 tempat yang diperbarui Juni 17, 2013
Books. Books. Books! It's like brain food. Oh, and we've got great libraries, too!
Ellie Pines
3 tempat yang diperbarui September 17, 2013
Duh. The places you can score some vinyl or CDs (or even cassettes, yo!). I hope this list can be expanded one day...there used to be so many more than just these scant few.
Ellie Pines
10 tempat yang diperbarui Juni 17, 2013
In no particular order
    Tips Terbaru Ellie
    "If you want food poisoning, this is a one stop shop! I really wouldn’t recommend."
    Ellie PinesEllie Pines · April 29, 2019
    Masakan Meksiko
    · Charlottesville, Amerika Serikat
    "Fantastic locally made beer from a conscious and friendly brewery. One forewarning: GPS may misdirect you, but if you call they’re often able to help you navigate. Blame Google Maps, not them."
    Ellie PinesEllie Pines · April 23, 2018
    Tempat Pembuatan Bir
    · Charlottesville, Amerika Serikat
    "If you have nose sensitivities, stay out or stay close close to the coffee thing they have to help neutralize smells. It's pungent, but for good reason. Some of the best house candles around."
    Ellie PinesEllie Pines · April 8, 2016
    Toko Hadiah
    · Amerika Serikat
    "Surprisingly huge and much nicer since the renovation. The beer selection is very much on point."
    Ellie PinesEllie Pines · April 8, 2016
    Pasar Swalayan
    · Charlottesville, Amerika Serikat
    "Open 24 hours, which is really convenient if you have any late night needs."
    Ellie PinesEllie Pines · April 8, 2016
    · Charlottesville, Amerika Serikat
    "Free, unless you want to check out their special exhibit (which you probably will). The in-museum food options are also quite good for the price."
    Ellie PinesEllie Pines · April 8, 2016
    Museum Seni
    · Richmond, Amerika Serikat