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Restaurants in Munich
The Victorian House am Viktualienmarkt is one of Restaurants in Munich.

1. The Victorian House am Viktualienmarkt

Frauenstr. 14, München, Bayern
Restoran Inggris · Altstadt · 71 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Anyone wanting to try traditional British cuisine should try The Victorian House's take on pie's, as well as their home-baked cakes. They also offer a huge selection of tea's throughout the day.

Osteria Italiana is one of Restaurants in Munich.

2. Osteria Italiana

Schellingstr. 62 (Schraudolphstr.), München, Bayern
Trattoria/Osteria · Maxvorstadt · 17 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Famous for a number of reasons including attracting infamous political figures, as well as being one of Munich's first Italian restaurants, Osteria offers fantastic Italian style fish dishes.

Gratitude Restaurant is one of Restaurants in Munich.

3. Gratitude Restaurant

Türkenstr. 55 (Schellingstr.), München, Bayern
Restoran Vegetarian / Vegan · Universität · 65 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Offering a great range of vegetarian/vegan dishes including burrito's and thai curry's. Easy, healthy and natural food, this restaurant can fit any occasion, but it's best to book as it gets busy!

Sasou is one of Restaurants in Munich.

4. Sasou

Marienplatz 28 (Rosenstr.), München, Bayern
Restoran Sushi · Hackenviertel · 44 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Offering hot and cold pan-Asian dishes, this gem allows for noodle customisation at a reasonable price. They display all their dishes making choice much easier and tempting you to try something new.

Restaurant 181 is one of Restaurants in Munich.

5. Restaurant 181

Spiridion-Louis-Ring 7 (Olympiaturm), München, Bayern
Restoran · Milbertshofen-Am Hart · 37 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Towering over Munich at 181m high in the Olympiaturm, this gormet restaurant is inspired by Otto Koch. Very high quality food, and staff that are eager to help, it's perfect for a special occasion.

Lo Studente is one of Restaurants in Munich.

6. Lo Studente

Schellingstraße 30 30, München, Bayern
Restoran Italia · Universität · 50 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A regular hangout for students due to its location, Lo Studente offer very well priced daily deals, as well as large pizza's and pasta dishes. A must try is the tiramisu, charmingly presented.

Custo is one of Restaurants in Munich.

7. Custo

Kreilerstrasse 160a, München, Bayern
Restoran Mediterania · Trudering - Riem · 2 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Outside the centre of Munich, Custo offer a Mediterranean cuisine with a gourmet twist. Playful and innovative, Custo consistently delivers unconventional dishes with well presented deserts.

Teatro Tapas is one of Restaurants in Munich.

8. Teatro Tapas

Balanstr. 23, München, Bayern
Restoran Tapas · Haidhausen-Süd · 52 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Good quality tapas with a friendly atmosphere. Offering a buffet of hot and cold tapas at a fixed and very reasonable price, you can choose from dishes such as octopus with chickpeas and paella.

Cantine Cantona is one of Restaurants in Munich.

9. Cantine Cantona

Schellingstr. 27 (Türkenstr.), München, Bayern
Restoran Eropa Modern · Universität · 14 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: If you remember gruesome canteen food, forget it as Cantine Cantona create fresh, local dishes with a strong 'farm-to-table' ethos. They convert into a gourmet style restaurant in the evening.

Occam Deli is one of Restaurants in Munich.

10. Occam Deli

Feilitzschstr. 15 (Occamstr.), München, Bayern
Deli / Bodega · Münchner Freiheit · 87 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: The ideal place for light, fresh lunch bites. They pack their sandwiches to the brim, with things such as avocado, salmon and chicken. A must try is the New York style Pastrami sandwich, a classic.

Natraj is one of Restaurants in Munich.

11. Natraj

Nymphenburger Str. 26, München, Bayern
Restoran India · Maxvorstadt · 19 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A friendly, homely Indian restaurant, with all time classics as well as very well spiced tandoori dishes that are a must try. The waiters do their best to make your experience enjoyable throughout.

Iveria is one of Restaurants in Munich.

12. Iveria

Lindwurmstr. 159a, München, Bayern
Restoran Kaukasia · Am Schlachthof · 39 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Traditional Georgian cuisine is hard to come by, but Iveria perfectly blend spice and flavour in this family run restaurant. High quality food, with offerings such as Mkhali and Kalakuri available.

Taverna Naxos is one of Restaurants in Munich.

13. Taverna Naxos

Verdistr. 33 (Härtingerstr.), München, Bayern
Taverna · Obermenzing · 25 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Considered one of Munich's top eateries and at a very affordable price. Taverna Naxos offers baked feta, octopus and prawns, as well as grilled meats with Tzatziki. The staff are very friendly too.

Mamounia Marrakech is one of Restaurants in Munich.

14. Mamounia Marrakech

Innere Wiener Str. 18, München, Bayern
Restoran Maroko · Au - Haidhausen · 4 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Close to Praterinsel, with a modest exterior, Mamounia Marrakech will blow you away upon entry. Expect to feel like you've left Munich and been placed in Morocco, with tagine's and traditional tea.

Jones - K's Original American Diner is one of Restaurants in Munich.

15. Jones - K's Original American Diner

Karlstr. 56, München, Bayern
Rumah Makan · Augustenstraße · 22 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Offering classics such as burgers with fries, club sandwiches and hearty cooked breakfasts, Jones -K's brings together everything you would expect of a classic American diner including milkshakes.

Déjà Bu? is one of Restaurants in Munich.

16. Déjà Bu?

Buttermelchestraße 2A, München, Bayern
Bar Anggur · Gärtnerplatz · 18 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Déjà Bu? is a great place to taste a selection of French wines form a variety of regions including, Loire, Bordeaux, Boulogne and Côte du Rhône. They have a great selection of hors d'oeuvres too.

OhJulia, is one of Restaurants in Munich.

17. OhJulia,

Sendlinger Str. 12a, München, Bayern
Restoran Italia · Hackenviertel · 95 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Classic pizza, pasta and homemade style lasagne are all available here. They also offer a range of little tarts, and freshly baked bread that goes perfectly with their Mediterranean buffet.

Garbo Bar Pizzeria is one of Restaurants in Munich.

18. Garbo Bar Pizzeria

Kaiserstr. 67, München, Bayern
Tempat Pizza · Schwabing - West · 35 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A large stone-bake oven is placed for all to see, with pizza's topped with ingredients such as sardines, tuna sashimi, beef carpaccio and more. They also have fish and pasta dishes, perfect for all.

Isartaler Brauhaus is one of Restaurants in Munich.

19. Isartaler Brauhaus

Kreuzeckstr. 23B, Pullach im Isartal, Bayern
Restoran Bavaria · 4 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Originally a train station, the train tracks still run alongside and you will likely see a S-Bahn stop by. A trainspotters paradise, they offer upmarket Bayerische food and brew their own weißbier.

LeDu Happy Dumplings is one of Restaurants in Munich.

20. LeDu Happy Dumplings

Theresienstr. 18, München, Bayern
Restoran Bakso · Universität · 36 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Fresh, organic and good quality food combined with a very affordable price tag means that LeDu can be very busy. Fried or steamed dumplings and a selection of fillings, they have perfected dumplings.

Sushi Sano is one of Restaurants in Munich.

21. Sushi Sano

Brunnstr. 6, München, Bayern
Restoran Jepang · Hackenviertel · 55 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Claimed to be one of the first places to offer sushi in Munich, Sushi Sano offers traditional cooking and well priced sushi. The udon and ramen noodle soups here are a must try alongside fresh sushi.

Yam Deli Vegan is one of Restaurants in Munich.

22. Yam Deli Vegan

Augustenstr. 5, München, Bayern
Restoran Vegetarian / Vegan · Augustenstraße · 19 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A small but fresh and natural menu, presented artfully with seeds, nuts and herb embellishments. Quinoa strawberry coriander salad, and unconventional dishes are all on offer, and all Vegan friendly.

Master's Home is one of Restaurants in Munich.

23. Master's Home

Frauenstr. 11, München, Bayern
Bar Koktail · Altstadt · 14 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: An unusual interior, each room represents a room in a house. Large leather chairs, a free-standing bath and toilet can all be seen. Offering bar snacks or a mysterious €50 banquet, its simply a must.

La Brasserie is one of Restaurants in Munich.

24. La Brasserie

Hirschgartenallee 41 (Hippmannstr.), München, Bayern
Restoran Perancis · Nymphenburg · 12 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A French restaurant serving up authentic dishes but with great attention to detail. High quality but at a reasonable price, dishes include onion soup, snails and Zander medallions, and are a must try.

Hungriges Herz is one of Restaurants in Munich.

25. Hungriges Herz

Fraunhoferstr. 42 (Baaderstr.), München, Bayern
Restoran · Glockenbach · 50 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Heart shaped pizzas topped with all sorts from sweet potato and tuna to Sucuk, perfect for a meal with a special person. Known also for their breakfasts, they offer a cute twist on their foods.

Steinheil 16 is one of Restaurants in Munich.

26. Steinheil 16

Steinheilstr. 16 (Augustenstr.), München, Bayern
Restoran Jerman · Augustenstraße · 68 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A low-profile restaurant with a traditional pub feeling. One of the best schnitzel's in Munich, with the size fitting the plate in some cases. Crispy and well cooked, the schnitzel is a must.

Taverna Diyar is one of Restaurants in Munich.

27. Taverna Diyar

Wörthstraße 10, München, Bayern
Restoran Turki · Haidhausen-Süd · 5 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Kurdish-Turkish food such as grilled meat, octopus and over bakes are all available here. You'll regularly see people playing Tawula in the restaurant, and they also offer a party service for 500.

Gyoza Bar is one of Restaurants in Munich.

28. Gyoza Bar

Augustenstr. 47a, München, Bayern
Restoran Dim Sum · Augustenstraße · 21 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A great place to get your craving for Dumplings satisfied. If you're not sure what to get, try the 6 or 12 dumpling platter. Authentic tasting, and perfect with a Tsingtao or Kirin beer.

Wirtshaus in der Au is one of Restaurants in Munich.

29. Wirtshaus in der Au

Lilienstr. 51, München, Bayern
Restoran Jerman · Untere Au · 137 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A lovely looking Renaissance house, today named Wirsthaus in der Au. Known for their dumpling creations such as wasabi and olive-courgette, but the Dessertbrettl is a must try, introduced by cow bell.

Khorassan is one of Restaurants in Munich.

30. Khorassan

Ungererstr. 56, München, Bayern
Restoran Afghanistan · Schwabing-Ost · 7 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A small family-owned Afghan restaurant offering very authentic food with a traditional feeling interior. Influenced by both Indian and Persian cuisines, they create dishes such as Schola-e Ghorbandi.

Kushi-Tei of Tokyo is one of Restaurants in Munich.

31. Kushi-Tei of Tokyo

Arcisstr. 39 (Schellingstr.), München, Bayern
Restoran Jepang · Maxvorstadt · 23 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Their speciality of authentic Kushiyaki are a must try. The food is very well priced at lunchtime making it a great spot for a group of friends. Fried rice, teriyaki and udon are all on offer here.

Chopan is one of Restaurants in Munich.

32. Chopan

Elvirastr. 18a, München, Bayern
Restoran Afghanistan · Neuhausen - Nymphenburg · 22 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Chopan prepares traditional Afghan food from the capital Kabul. Specialities such as Borani Kadoo and Borani Bodenjan are a must try. The interior is fitting, with draping silk and hanging lanterns.

H´ugo´s is one of Restaurants in Munich.

33. H´ugo´s

Promenadeplatz 1-3, München, Bayern
Tempat Pizza · Kreuzviertel · 85 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Also found in P1 these pizza's are known for their class across Munich. Champagnes line the walls and the sleek décor are all part of the exclusive atmosphere. They also have an outside terrace bar.

Dinermite is one of Restaurants in Munich.

34. Dinermite

Amalienstr. 23, München, Bayern
Restoran Amerika · Universität · 24 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: A true American diner instantly recognisable by the classic cars parked outside. You're met by a waitress in a diner style uniform, and they serve classics such as milkshakes and pulled pork.

KOI is one of Restaurants in Munich.

35. KOI

Wittelsbacherplatz 1, München, Bayern
Restoran Jepang · Universität · 23 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: Koi brings together food and style in terms of presentation as well as the restaurant's décor. A robata-grill by day but a Japanese tapas bar by night, they offer a wide range of sushi to be tasted.

Taverna Limani is one of Restaurants in Munich.

36. Taverna Limani

Rotdornstr. 2 (Hochvogelplatz), München, Bayern
Taverna · 24 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: In a quiet area of Munich, this Greek restaurant is anything but. Greek classics such as Gyros and Moussaka are on the menu and portions are not small. Staff may be seen dancing, or throwing napkins!

Thuy is one of Restaurants in Munich.

37. Thuy

Senserstr. 2, München, Bayern
Restoran Vietnam · Sendling · 18 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: As you enter you'll notice the giant smiling Buddha welcoming you inside. Food served in banana leaves, bamboo steamers and even pineapples all add to the attention to detail. Try the coffee!

Beirut Beirut is one of Restaurants in Munich.

38. Beirut Beirut

Lindenschmitstr. 18, München, Bayern
Restoran Falafel · Sendling · 58 tips dan ulasan

KOMPASKOMPAS: An ideal place to enjoy a selection of Lebanese Mezze dishes, each encompassing the culture and spice of the city this restaurant is named after. Falafel, fresh mint and hummus are all available.