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V & C Exchange

V & C Exchange


Import/export agents of beauty and accessories brands. We also own Dazzle Strands Professional - a retail brand of hair extensions, pony's, feathers, buns.

Melbourne, Australia
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  • Coyoacán
  • Melbourne
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V & C Exchange
2 tempat yang diperbarui
2 tempat termasuk Rue Bebélons, Kimchi Country
V & C Exchange
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6 tempat termasuk Si Señor Art Taqueria, Kimchi Country, Dazzle Strands Beauty Bar, Mad Mex
    Tips Terbaru V & C
    "The char-grilled octopus and Chimmichurri sanga with side salad and spicy potatoes were UNBELIEVABLE. Great ambience. Clean."
    V & C ExchangeV & C Exchange · Februari 16, 2014
    Masakan Spanyol
    · Coyoacán, Mexico
    "Specials here this week - $24.95 clip in hair bangs (only 6 available) $89.95 clip I hair extensions (only 5 available) and $9.95 hair tinsel packs."
    V & C ExchangeV & C Exchange · Agustus 26, 2013
    Salon / Tempat Pangkas Rambut
    · Melbourne, Australia
    "Good ambiance, good service and GOOD food. Two people can eat and drink here for $50."
    V & C ExchangeV & C Exchange · Agustus 2, 2013
    · Melbourne, Australia
    "Oh this place is GOOD. Open until 10:30 most nights. Firstly, their 'tapas' is to die for. I had a sizzling beef plate ($16.90). Amazing. Gentle sesame flavour. Succulent beef. Traditional. LOVE it."
    V & C ExchangeV & C Exchange · Juli 21, 2013
    Masakan Korea
    · Hughesdale, Australia
    "This is the BEST Chinese restaurant in the entire South East. Succulent meats, fresh vegetables and beautiful sauces. Absolutely delightful. Great service. Great prices!!"
    V & C ExchangeV & C Exchange · Juli 5, 2013
    Masakan Cina
    · Cheltenham, Australia
    "Love the coffee (honestly AMAZING) and the pistachio cake is one of those things that is on your list of 'lifetime favourites'. The atmosphere here is so warm and social. LOVE!"
    V & C ExchangeV & C Exchange · Juni 22, 2013
    Warung Kopi
    · Prahran, Australia