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New York
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Lake Buena Vista
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San Francisco
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Las Vegas
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Dan Sohayda
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Dan Sohayda
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    Tips Terbaru Dan
    "Very cramped and small courses per hole since they’re all self contained and seemingly portable. Steep ramps make holes frustrating. Great idea but could have been designed better for what it is."
    Dan SohaydaDan Sohayda · Agustus 16, 2021
    Golf Mini
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat
    "A solid assortment of local and not so local craft beers along with the common macro brews. Pretty good food too but beer is the highlight obviously"
    Dan SohaydaDan Sohayda · Februari 15, 2020
    · Somerset, Amerika Serikat
    "My go-to for the real deal IMAX experience. Not cheap but also not one of those watered down fake IMAX theaters. Pick a seat high up so you're not straining your neck because the screen is huge!!"
    Dan SohaydaDan Sohayda · Februari 15, 2020
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat
    "Not someplace you want to end up whether it's for a court appearance or jury duty. Make sure you get your parking validated in the morning and you park in one of the participating decks nearby."
    Dan SohaydaDan Sohayda · Februari 15, 2020
    · New Brunswick, Amerika Serikat
    "Small place but a solid option for ramen in the area which is unfortunately getting tough to come by these days. BYOB for the win"
    Dan SohaydaDan Sohayda · Februari 15, 2020
    · New Brunswick, Amerika Serikat
    "Quality Ethiopian food in New Brunswick now that Makada is gone. Not as fancy an atmosphere but the food is equally good. BYOB which is nice."
    Dan SohaydaDan Sohayda · Februari 15, 2020
    Masakan Etiopia
    · New Brunswick, Amerika Serikat