Chela Cea

Chela Cea

Chicago, IL
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  • Mexico City
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Mexico City
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Miguel Hidalgo
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Chela Cea
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Chela Cea
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3 tempat termasuk Porfirio's Restaurant, Milán 44, Rompeolas Café
    "Disappointing. Watermelon-basil juice tasted old. Mozarella-pesto wrap had weird tasting pesto. And, I had to wait a LONG time to get those 2 items, even though there was only 1 other customer there."
    Chela CeaChela Cea · Mei 1, 2016
    Roti Lapis
    · Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico
    "Gorditas, shaved ice with tamarind, churros"
    Chela CeaChela Cea · April 23, 2016
    Masakan Meksiko
    · Mexico City, Mexico
    "Rompeolas, walnut croissants in panadería across from Rompeolas, real Belgian waffles on piso 1, gelato"
    Chela CeaChela Cea · April 23, 2016
    Makanan & Minuman
    · Juárez, Mexico
    "Latte was absolutely delicious, cold brew w-milk was a welcome jolt of caffeine (will try it w-cream soda next), hot chocolate (not on the menu) my 7-year-old said was the best she's had in Mexico."
    Chela CeaChela Cea · April 23, 2016
    Warung Kopi
    · Mexico City, Mexico