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Katie Andrade

Katie Andrade

Foodie from the 6ix! Co-owner of @ThatDopeFood 🙌🏼

Toronto, ON
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  • Toronto
  • London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
  • New York
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  • London, ON, Canada
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London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
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New York
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6 Tips
London, ON, Canada
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Katie Andrade
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Katie Andrade
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Katie Andrade
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Must go to places!
    Tips Terbaru Katie
    "This is my favourite pizza place in the city. Everything is so fresh and delicious, the way pizza should be. They always have a great pizza specials as well so there's always something new to try!"
    Katie AndradeKatie Andrade · Juli 17, 2017
    · Toronto, Kanada
    "I love the vibe at this place. Great patio and delicious food. Can't go wrong!"
    Katie AndradeKatie Andrade · Juli 17, 2017
    Masakan Italia
    · Toronto, Kanada
    "Delicious food in a really hip place! They had a great selection of drinks and delicious sides to go along with your steak of choice. Mac n cheese was bomb!"
    Katie AndradeKatie Andrade · Juni 13, 2017
    Warung Steak
    · London, Kerajaan Inggris
    "The hype is real! Definitely One of the coolest restaurant in the city and delicious food to go along. Definitely ask your server for recommendations to try something new!"
    Katie AndradeKatie Andrade · Juni 13, 2017
    Masakan India
    · London, Kerajaan Inggris
    "I would not recommend paying the money to go see. It's way to touristy and you can drive past it on the highway and see it perfectly. Just not worth it unless you're really keen on seeing it closer."
    Katie AndradeKatie Andrade · Juni 10, 2017
    Tempat Bersejarah
    · Amesbury, Kerajaan Inggris
    "Fun place to grab a drink and sit outside on a nice day! Good cider and craft beers."
    Katie AndradeKatie Andrade · Juni 10, 2017
    · London, Kerajaan Inggris