Margarita Cheng

Margarita Cheng

new york, ny
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Margarita Cheng
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Margarita Cheng
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    Tips Terbaru Margarita
    "All you can eat hot pot for$18.99pp. Fresh ingredients, but squId was not well prepared.The service was great, esp server #26.Private rooms available. Perfect for big groups and birthdays."
    Margarita ChengMargarita Cheng · November 3, 2012
    Masakan Cina
    · Brooklyn, Amerika Serikat
    "Great assortment for any occasion! Birthdays, retirement, parties, anniversaries, holidays..."
    Margarita ChengMargarita Cheng · September 6, 2012
    Toko Minuman Keras
    · Brooklyn, Amerika Serikat
    "Open Wednesday through Sunday. Super friendly staff. Mom is great with pedicures. You must get her for foot care!!!"
    Margarita ChengMargarita Cheng · Agustus 12, 2012
    · West Palm Beach, Amerika Serikat
    "One of the cleanest bakeries in Chinatown and freshest baked buns and cookies. A real gem!"
    Margarita ChengMargarita Cheng · Juli 20, 2012
    Toko Roti
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat
    "I didn't believe the headline, but it is true: Rocco's got the best cannolies in town!"
    Margarita ChengMargarita Cheng · Juni 16, 2012
    Pencuci Mulut
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat
    "Finally a show worth going to in AC. This year's Legends in Concert has great impersonators: Whitney Houston, J. Timberlake, Adele and Elvis"
    Margarita ChengMargarita Cheng · Juni 10, 2012
    · Atlantic City, Amerika Serikat