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New York, NY
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New York
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Ayia Napa
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Buenos Aires
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Rana Rouhana
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Rana Rouhana
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Rana Rouhana
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Rana Rouhana
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2014.. whether these places are newly opened or have been around for a while, they're magic!
Rana Rouhana
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Rana Rouhana
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    Tips Terbaru Rana
    "best bakery en route to Abel Tasman; croissants are heavenly"
    Rana RouhanaRana Rouhana · Februari 20, 2015
    Toko Roti
    · Selandia Baru
    "prix fixe options are undeniably a steal; burgundy wine is on the menu, and it delivers! some dishes (tuna, tortellini) are better than others (lamb). cheese selection is a delight and needs promotion"
    Rana RouhanaRana Rouhana · Oktober 5, 2014
    Eropa Modern
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat
    "all things red meat and the chicken skewers are clearly the stars! also had the chicken hearts just because. unassuming place, reasonable prices.. it's nice to have a gem in midtown."
    Rana RouhanaRana Rouhana · Oktober 5, 2014
    Masakan Jepang
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat
    "shrimp tacos with aioli are terrific, mole cake dessert is now a favorite; cocktails are 'speakeasy'-good!"
    Rana RouhanaRana Rouhana · Agustus 10, 2014
    Masakan Meksiko
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat
    "campanelle pasta is crustiness heaven + fiore di carciofi is tangy and yummy, the antipasti and desserts are super good too! the negatives: such a loud place + the pestering waiters are a bit too much"
    Rana RouhanaRana Rouhana · Agustus 8, 2014
    Masakan Italia
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat
    "pick your liquor, and go for the bartender's choice. fruits are fresh, drinks are original, and bartenders are super creative!"
    Rana RouhanaRana Rouhana · Agustus 1, 2014
    Tempat Rahasia
    · New York City, Amerika Serikat