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Kristen S.

San Francisco
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San Francisco
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New York
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New Orleans
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Daly City
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Garden Grove
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Kristen S.
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Kristen S.
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Kristen S.
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Kristen S.
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    Tips Terbaru Kristen
    "Comfortable cafe with good variety of drinks, tasty baked goods, and lots of seating. The ginger snap cookies were especially delicious."
    Kristen S.Kristen S. · Februari 28, 2019
    Toko Roti
    · Auburn, Amerika Serikat
    "We got the fish'n'chips and the fish tacos. Both were amazing! They make their own batter and it really shows - amazingly crispy and flavorful fried fish."
    Kristen S.Kristen S. · Desember 20, 2018
    Truk Makanan
    · Kīhei, Amerika Serikat
    "Best burger I've had in ages: great flavor and perfectly prepared. Get the Kenji burger meal and upgrade your fries!"
    Kristen S.Kristen S. · Desember 15, 2018
    · Kapa‘a, Amerika Serikat
    "The al pastor super burrito is my fave, but I also recommend the cabeza tacos - the cabeza is so tender and flavorful."
    Kristen S.Kristen S. · September 12, 2018
    Masakan Meksiko
    · Pleasanton, Amerika Serikat
    "My fave so far is the deluxe chicken shawarma wrap: perfectly cooked and sauced meat in a lightly toasted wrap! Also delish: lamb shawarma wrap, mazza platter, and dolma."
    Kristen S.Kristen S. · Mei 25, 2018
    Masakan Timur Tengah
    · San Francisco, Amerika Serikat
    "Get some garlic noodles (all variations were great), the walnut shrimp, and at least one of the desserts!"
    Kristen S.Kristen S. · Maret 18, 2018
    · Dublin, Amerika Serikat