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20 tempat yang diperbarui Februari 14, 2015
20 tempat termasuk Lao National Museum - ຫໍພິພິດທະພັນແຫ່ງຊາດ, Champa Spa Beauty Salon Massage & Art Souvenir, Wattay International Airport (VTE), Tha Sadej Market
22 tempat yang diperbarui Juni 4, 2014
22 tempat termasuk Boat Jetty Kuala Sungai Baru, PD Waterfront, Sukand's Food Station, Restoran Deen Kari Kepala Ikan
18 tempat yang diperbarui Desember 27, 2014
18 tempat termasuk Pasir Penambang, Firefly Park Bukit Belimbing Kuala Selangor, Taman Alam Kuala Selangor, Pantai Remis
41 tempat yang diperbarui Maret 6, 2014
41 tempat termasuk Bukit Ampang, Speed City Kuala Lumpur, Pasar Pudu (Market), Sunway Pyramid
1 tempat yang diperbarui Juni 27, 2013
1 tempat termasuk Oriental Beauty And Health
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    Tips Terbaru !!!NiZaM®
    "You here mean you visit the 16th Century built by the Portuguese and view of the Sumatra coastline,Find legendary Hang Tuah footprint embedded in boulder and icy cool well awaits serve your thirsty"
    !!!NiZaM®!!!NiZaM® · Juni 3, 2014
    Mercu Suar
    · Port Dickson, Malaysia
    "Row a small boat in the darkness to witness the blinking trees.The rhythmic star's produced by thousands of fireflies found in mangrove river of Kpg Kuantan.Experience a memorable & unforgettable one!"
    !!!NiZaM®!!!NiZaM® · April 29, 2014
    · Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
    "Old and new:New and old buildings make up the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.But if nothing is effort is put into presever the old buildings, that architecture segment will be gone forever from our heritage."
    !!!NiZaM®!!!NiZaM® · Januari 29, 2014
    · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    "Religiously celebrated during the full moon in the tenth month of the Hindu calendar,Catch sights of chariot procession and kavadi bearers at these official locations.Wishing all Happy Thaipusam 2014"
    !!!NiZaM®!!!NiZaM® · Januari 16, 2014
    Kuil Hindu
    · Batu Caves, Malaysia
    "Apart from being a historical site, being at the top of the hill gives you an excellent panoramic view of Selangor coastline. You would be able to see the Straits Of Malacca on a clearly day (>_<)"
    !!!NiZaM®!!!NiZaM® · Januari 3, 2014
    · Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
    "The food was tasty but it took a long time to come. Good place to come if you have lots of time.By HARLEY from Spain"
    !!!NiZaM®!!!NiZaM® · Januari 3, 2014
    · Kuala Selangor, Malaysia