Kandu Tapia

Kandu Tapia

An enthusiast for red wine and Mexican food, born and raised in Mexico City, who likes to travel and experience local food and culture. Also a big fan of music.

Mexico City, DF
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Miguel Hidalgo
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Mexico City
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Kandu Tapia
70 tempat yang diperbarui November 10, 2021
70 tempat termasuk Cocina Abierta, Jules Basement, Maque Café, Pujol
Kandu Tapia
3 tempat yang diperbarui
3 tempat termasuk Bósforo Mezcalería, Pulqueria Los Insurgentes, Salón Corona
Kandu Tapia
26 tempat yang diperbarui
26 tempat termasuk Centro de Atención a Solicitantes CAS, Food Central, Moshi Moshi, Seguros Banamex
    Tips Terbaru Kandu
    "Todo el trámite es rápido. Sobre todo si vienes a renovar la visa. Ten tus papeles bien ordenados y sólo necesitarás un par de ellos. Las instrucciones están en mexico.usvisa-info.com"
    Kandu TapiaKandu Tapia · April 8, 2019
    Kedutaan Besar
    · Cuauhtemoc, Mexico
    "Small but very functional shopping center. Many options for shopping and eating, including Apple, Massimo Dutti and even a Chedraui Select supermarket and cinema. Direct access to Hilton Santa Fe."
    Kandu TapiaKandu Tapia · Desember 13, 2018
    · Alvaro Obregon, Mexico
    "It offers very good Mexican food, served in a modern environment and luxurious decoration. The quality of the ingredients is very good and the service is very attentive. Good options of Mexican wines."
    Kandu TapiaKandu Tapia · Desember 13, 2018
    Masakan Meksiko
    · Mexico City, Mexico
    "The drinks are good and very original. They pay attention to detail and in general the atmosphere is relaxed. Some cocktails have even won international awards. A very good option to try new drinks."
    Kandu TapiaKandu Tapia · Desember 13, 2018
    · Mexico City, Mexico
    "A very good track to exercise either by cycling, skating or running. The F1 season is an excellent event and has been listed as one of the best organized in the world."
    Kandu TapiaKandu Tapia · Desember 13, 2018
    Arena Balap
    · Iztacalco, Mexico
    "A very good place where you can taste traditional Mexican dishes, ranging from ancient recipes to some modern combinations. Try chile en nogada (only July-September season)."
    Kandu TapiaKandu Tapia · Desember 6, 2018
    Masakan Meksiko
    · Mexico