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Mimi Nguyen

Mimi Nguyen


Washington, DC
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New York
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Silver Spring
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Las Vegas
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Daftar Terbaru Mimi
Mimi Nguyen
5 tempat yang diperbarui Oktober 16, 2017
5 tempat termasuk Ishihara Market, Makai Sushi, Kauai Coffee Plantation, Koloa Fish Market
Mimi Nguyen
54 tempat yang diperbarui Juni 10, 2017
Definitely want to do the Bourbon trail and will be gone for a long weekend :)
Mimi Nguyen
228 tempat yang diperbarui
228 tempat termasuk Sofrito, Room 11, Black Tree, Oohh’s & Aahh’s
Mimi Nguyen
243 tempat yang diperbarui
243 tempat termasuk Prince's Hot Chicken Shack South, Brine, Tomoka Coffee House, The Waterfront Beach Resort Pool
    Tips Terbaru Mimi
    "Amazing hot chicken! Definitely caution to anyone wanting anything spicier than X-hot cuz that spice builds."
    Mimi NguyenMimi Nguyen · Desember 16, 2021
    Ayam Goreng
    · Nashville, Amerika Serikat
    "Lots of options for curry! Omlet, udon, naan and even kids meals. Definitely worth a try."
    Mimi NguyenMimi Nguyen · Juni 28, 2021
    Masakan Jepang
    · Los Angeles, Amerika Serikat
    "Even during COVID the food here is still amazing! Updated menu with prices for easy ordering. I always call ahead and pick up in 10-15 mins. Love the spicy sauce even though they make you pay for each"
    Mimi NguyenMimi Nguyen · Juni 17, 2021
    Masakan Karibia
    · Washington, Amerika Serikat
    "Ordered taco night deal with birria to-go. Great deal with fixings and dessert. Every thing was delicious!"
    Mimi NguyenMimi Nguyen · April 18, 2021
    · Washington, Amerika Serikat
    "Amazing selection and very attentive staff. I wish I could have tried more! I would recommend for an early dinner (if avoiding crowds). Can't wait to go back and try more!"
    Mimi NguyenMimi Nguyen · Maret 14, 2021
    Masakan Cina
    · Catonsville, Amerika Serikat
    "Love the thai dishes, especially the crispy fish. Definitely ask for heat if you can handle it. Good sushi options and great for eat in, take out or delivery!"
    Mimi NguyenMimi Nguyen · Januari 11, 2020
    · Takoma Park, Amerika Serikat