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Gypsy Mermaid


Austin, TX
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Bee Cave
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Sunset Valley
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Gypsy Mermaid
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Gypsy Mermaid
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Gypsy Mermaid
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Gypsy Mermaid
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    Tips Terbaru Gypsy
    "Greek salad with the Sicilian on top! Amazing food and service! Get the gelato on the way out too, delicious! Best place in town."
    Gypsy MermaidGypsy Mermaid · Desember 26, 2013
    Masakan Italia
    · Longview, Amerika Serikat
    "Best veggie burger I've ever had! Was a cheesy juicy delicious mouthgasm. Was not expecting this!"
    Gypsy MermaidGypsy Mermaid · Desember 24, 2013
    Makanan Cepat Saji
    · Rockdale, Amerika Serikat
    "Great atmosphere. Good for any kind of weather because they have covered area and heaters! Dogs welcomed."
    Gypsy MermaidGypsy Mermaid · November 30, 2013
    · Austin, Amerika Serikat
    "Food is sooo delicious. Very vegetarian friendly. Took a little while but really worth the wait!"
    Gypsy MermaidGypsy Mermaid · November 22, 2013
    Truk Makanan
    · Austin, Amerika Serikat
    "The beer is amazing, the food is amazing, and the brewers are beyond amazing. Try everything, stay forever. Best beer ever. 🍻"
    Gypsy MermaidGypsy Mermaid · November 7, 2013
    Taman Bir
    · Austin, Amerika Serikat
    "This place is delicious! The service might be a little slow sometimes but that's because there is only one server. However, the people are so nice! The quality of sea food is great. Love everything!"
    Gypsy MermaidGypsy Mermaid · Oktober 16, 2013
    Masakan Vietnam
    · Austin, Amerika Serikat