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Jeff Martindale

Jeff Martindale


Sioux City, IA
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  • Sioux City
  • Englewood
  • Denver
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Sioux City
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Jeff Martindale
0 tempat yang diperbarui November 1, 2016
0 tempat
Jeff Martindale
1 tempat yang diperbarui Juli 18, 2013
1 tempat termasuk Pump And Pak
Jeff Martindale
9 tempat yang diperbarui
9 tempat termasuk Fenway Park, Pump And Pak, Taco Bell, McDonald's
Jeff Martindale
3 tempat yang diperbarui
3 tempat termasuk Sterling Colorado Rest Area, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Anderson Lodge
    "Friendly staff, free coffee and cookies. Lots of great CO travel brochures to take with you for trip planning."
    Jeff MartindaleJeff Martindale · November 8, 2015
    Area Istirahat
    · Amerika Serikat
    "Food is average. They screwed up my order & ran out of the beer I was drinking but the service is okay. Just don't choose the skimpy lobster ravioli or the baked chickn penne, not worth talking about."
    Jeff MartindaleJeff Martindale · November 8, 2015
    Masakan Italia
    · Englewood, Amerika Serikat
    "Great exhibits of many different animals, space exploration, gems & minerals, rotating special exhibits. IMAX theatre is always cool to do. MUST DO observation deck! Parking 👎🏼"
    Jeff MartindaleJeff Martindale · November 8, 2015
    Museum Sains
    · Denver, Amerika Serikat
    "Great fresh donuts (Sunkist Bakery) get delivered every morning at 5:00am."
    Jeff MartindaleJeff Martindale · Juli 18, 2013
    · Sioux City, Amerika Serikat