Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu
  • Dave H.
    "Hike up to the Sun Gate for some wonderful views (view) of Machu Picchu."(13 Tips)
    Matías G.
    "Increíble mezcla entre la arquitectura (arsitektur) y el paisaje."(5 Tips)
    Melisa M.
    "Whether the inca trail (lintasan), salkantay or the jungle trail."(7 Tips)
    Paulina G.
    "zapatos (sepatu) cómodos y con zuela antideslizante"(13 Tips)
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  • Joice S.
    Joice SaviettoAgustus 14, 2014
    Everybody says it's better to go early, but don't if you would like to avoid long lines! People line up for the bus since 4am, but at 8 lines are much shorter! It also goes for entrance and return bus
    Suara positif 3 minggu lalu
  • Victoria W.
    Victoria W.Desember 1, 2013
    If you have the time and energy, climb Huayna Picchu to get a better view of MP. It's well worth the extra effort.
  • Ross S.
    Ross SheingoldJuni 21, 2012
    If you want a fairly easy but invigorating hike, do the Inka Bridge trail. The actual Inka Bridge requires holding onto a wire while crossing a narrow ledge, but the 15 min. hike features great views
  • MLO
    MLODesember 28, 2015
    Opt-in for the extra hike up to Montaña Machu Picchu. It's a burner of a hike (60-90mins) but well worth the view. Back a lunch if you're making the climb! Also bring a banana for the llamas. Trust.
  • Paulina G.
    Paulina Gajardo AriasOktober 25, 2013
    Animo para al menos 3 horas de caminata. Ropa liviana (algodón), zapatos cómodos y con zuela antideslizante, bloqueador, agua, snacks y hojas de coca para mascar. Es maravilloso.
  • Fábio A.
    Fábio AlvesDesember 16, 2014
    Machu Picchu é um sítio arqueológico muito bem preservado e pode-se constatar isto no cuidado que os guarda-parque tem em manter os turistas na linha. Vá de tênis ou sapato fechado bem confortável.
    Suara positif Jul 30
  • Repu S.
    Repu SuranceFebruari 3
    I was looking for a mystical lifetime trip to Peru and this trip went beyond my imagination! Still worth the hike! One of the most breathtaking and mystical sites in the world.
  • Ngan N.
    Ngan NguyenJuli 4, 2015
    Layer up as the mornings/evenings are chilly and the midday sun, hot. Hike further up towards the Inca Bridge or Sun Gate or head downwards to the rubble ruins for more peace and quiet
  • Maciek
    MaciekJuli 13, 2012
    The scenery from the top is amazIng however try to do some of the ruins before you go up.The trek (access only till 11am) is very steep and exhausting so after coming down u only want to rest.
  • Dave H.
    Dave HaierMei 2, 2015
    Hike up to the Sun Gate for some wonderful views of Machu Picchu. It's the same height as Huayna Picchu. but it's a more leisurely hike and you don't need tickets.
  • Pablo A.
    Pablo AmpueroJuni 6, 2013
    Bring your passport to get a bitchin' Machu Picchu stamp in it on your way out. Also, plan for all weather types. It was warm and sunny when we arrived, and 3 hours later it was freezing and rainy.
  • Maryorie M.
    Maryorie MedinaFebruari 18, 2015
    Llegar muy temprano! Llevar agua,protector solar y una manta por si llueve. Recorrer lo que más se pueda en la mañana para luego disfrutar por la tarde de la maravillosa vista.
  • Paula F.
    Paula FreireAgustus 17, 2016
    How amazing this site could be? Breathtaking views, a lot of history and good long walks. Be prepare to spend more than 5 hours exploring the park. I recommend to stay at the Pueblo for 1 night.
  • Yanira R.
    Yanira RiosJuli 9, 2014
    Es uno de los lugares más impresionantes e inolvidables. El principio de Junio fué una época excelente para ir, ya que el clima estaba perfecto.
  • Louie 李景雲 L.
    Louie 李景雲 LeeJuni 28, 2015
    The ticket office in Aguas Calientes opens at 5:20 AM, and the buses start leaving at 5:30 AM every 5 min. Travel pros buy our tickets the night before.
  • osornios
    osorniosApril 20, 2014
    Wait until they close to take the best photos and really enjoy the place. Most people leave early.
  • mark c.
    mark cDesember 23, 2012
    Arrive as early as possible to avoid the crowds. The inca trail trekkers will arrive at earliest around 8am, and by 10am it is busy. It is highly recommended to stay overnight as it is quiet from 4pm.
  • Perla E.
    Perla EstradaNovember 10, 2016
    subir el waynapicchu es una increible experiencia pero requiere de mucho esfuerzo fisico, el lugar es majestuoso..en su fuente de sodas probé el mejor sandwich de atún que he comido en toda mi vida.
  • Remigino G.
    Remigino GrossoJuli 4, 2013
    Those 2000 steps killed me! :) I didn't want to get a guide because i wanted to do the tour on my own, i got the virtual tour on iPad called Virtual History - Machu Picchu, it greatly did the job!
  • Pane G.
    Pane GCAgustus 28, 2016
    El sol quema de manera exagerada, recomiendo subir la montaña con manga larga, sombrero y botas de trekking.También recomiendo subir con guía privado por que te explica cada punto. Inigualable!
  • Guilherme A.
    Guilherme AranegaAgustus 18, 2014
    É incrível ver que a cidade está preservada do mesmo jeito que foi construída pelos incas, sem intervenções do homem moderno. Realmente é um grande patrimônio histórico e cultural da humanidade.
    Suara positif 3 minggu lalu
  • Jamhil M.
    Jamhil MoyanoOktober 4, 2016
    Recomendado llegar a primera hora. Tres horas de caminata, vista espectacular... si caminas cerca de grupos grandes puedes escuchar a los guías. Tomar poca agua, no hay baño más que en la entrada.
  • Lisseth Y.
    Lisseth YanOktober 22, 2015
    Hermoso lugar. Llevar ropa fresca y abrigo q caliente, bastones así es mucho más fácil al subir y bajar, agua y snacks pues allí no venden. Para las montañas reservar antes ya q son pocos cupos.
  • Vlic
    VlicApril 1
    Without Guide 12pm: Go First down, make the whole round, then Exit (+bagno) you can go in again. Then do the top route to inka bridge, stay on top till U have to go out :)
  • Carola C.
    Carola CanalesAgustus 12
    Me gusta subir en el primer turno, ojalá ver la salida del sol desde la ciudadela. No olvidar ir en ropa cómoda, llevar protección para el sol. Es mejor hacer la visita guiada.
  • Chris E.
    Chris EdwardsAgustus 7, 2014
    The Montaña Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu trails are challenging but worth every step.
  • Kayla N.
    Kayla NguyenJuni 17, 2017
    Did a tour with Quechuas Expeditions. Started at KM 104 to Sun Gate & saw Machu. It was beautiful!!! Definitely listen to the history behind it. Amazing architecture and intelligent people.
  • Tomas L.
    One of the most magnificent sites I’ve ever been to. My recommendation is to get there extremely early to avoid crowds and scorching sun.
  • Evelyn T.
    Evelyn TorresJuli 5, 2013
    Get a round trip bus ride otherwise it's a loooonnnng way Up/Down.Best time to get there is 7am. Bring snacks/water, food is overpriced and only available in the entrance.
  • Julissa M.
    Julissa MejiaNovember 30, 2013
    One of the best experiences of my life!!! Loved it and will recomend it.. if you are comming to Perú is a MUST do..
  • Andrew S.
    Andrew ShortJuni 30, 2015
    Check out Machu Picchu at sunrise. There's long queues at 5:15 already, buy your bus pass and entrance ticket the day before to save time.
  • Racheal J.
    Racheal JAgustus 6, 2012
    Come early. Hike to the top enjoy the view in the sunrise/early morning. It gets super hot in July... another reason to come early.
  • Jose C.
    Jose CallejaMaret 27, 2014
    Magical place, lots of stairsteps and hiking but definitely worth it!, Bring your own water or bottle, The water spring at templo del sol is clear and clean
  • Jeremy B.
    Jeremy BlockJuli 30, 2014
    Nice little tourist town supporting Macchu Picchu. Be sure to get in line an hour before the first bus leaves to go up the mountain if you want to be the first to get there.
  • Ariel F.
    Ariel FuentesOktober 29, 2014
    Increíble lugar. En medio de los cerros una ciudad fundada por el Inca Manco Capac. Si quiere ahorrar lleve agua y comestibles desde Cusco. Indispensable repelente y calzado cómodo para estar tranqui.
  • Dave H.
    Dave HaierMei 2, 2015
    Skip the early morning rush and get the bus up mid-morning instead. If you stay around until closing at 5pm you can get great photos with no people in them as you leave.
  • Lisseth Y.
    Lisseth YanOktober 22, 2016
    Segunda vez acá, y l lugar es igual de mágico y hermoso. Esta es época d lluvia OCT, lleven su poncho, puede q llueva mucho pero arriba igual sale el sol y despeja. A la salida se sella el pasaporte.
  • Marc V.
    Marc Van NordenNovember 24, 2012
    Take an early bus up.. Head straight to the sun gate! You will beat the hordes of people and the sun. You will be there for the best photos as the clouds rise up over the city across the way.
  • Daewook Ban
    Daewook BanAgustus 2, 2013
    신비로운 마츄피츄 구경을 끝내고 내려오실때 입구 매표소에서 여권에 스탬프를 찍으세요. (찍어주는 사람이 있는게 아니라 스스로 찾아서 찍어야 합니다) 좋은 기념을 여권에 남길수 있을뿐 아니라 다음방문시 제시하면 입장료 할인해 줍니다. (입장료 100불이 넘어요~)
  • B. Wilbert Q.
    B. Wilbert QuispeMaret 16, 2015
    When visiting Machu Picchu, make sure to bring your original passport, it is requited at the check point where the name and passport number on the ticket will be matched with your passport info.
  • Louie 李景雲 L.
    Louie 李景雲 LeeJuni 28, 2015
    The bus ticket office takes only cash...either Peruvian Soles, U.S. dollars, or Euros. There's an ATM at town center that will give out Soles and USD.
  • Camila R.
    One of the eight wonders of the world, it is amazingly beautiful and it is one of the spiritual centers of the world. The views are lovely and you get amazing pictures. Best to go in the summer.
  • Louie 李景雲 L.
    Louie 李景雲 LeeJuni 28, 2015
    Make sure you buy your entrance ticket in Aguas Calientes to enter the Machu Picchu City before going up the mountain.
  • Gato M.
    Gato MongeDesember 29, 2013
    HISTORIC SANCTUARY OF MACHU PICCHU - World Heritage UNESCO Machu Picchu stands 2,430 m above sea-level, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest, in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. Baca selanjutnya
  • Roberto G.
    Roberto GallegosMaret 16, 2016
    Qué más se puede decir... maravilla del mundo! Inmenso, vistas indescriptibles, gran arquitectura y una atmósfera muy bonita al convivir con tanta gente de todo el mundo. Obligatorio botas trekking.
  • Andrew S.
    Andrew ShortJuni 30, 2015
    Climb the mountain Machu Picchu for only a little more money but be prepared, it's a steep climb up for about 2 hours and mainly stairs!
  • Gato M.
    Gato MongeDesember 29, 2013
    HISTORIC SANCTUARY OF MACHU PICCHU - World Heritage UNESCO Machu Picchu stands 2,430 m above sea-level, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest, in an extraordinarily beautiful setting Baca selanjutnya
  • Louie 李景雲 L.
    Louie 李景雲 LeeJuni 28, 2015
    The Machu Picchu entrance ticket office takes only cash...Peruvian Soles. There's an ATM at town center that will give out Soles and USD.
  • incatrailbookings m.
    incatrailbookings mariJanuari 23, 2013
    If you choose to do the short Inca Trail 2 Days/1Night, you are going to walk up along 6 hours with impressive landscapes, where after 4 hours you will arrive to wiñaywayna archeological site, Baca selanjutnya
  • Masaki K.
    Masaki KuramochiNovember 3, 2016
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