Momofuku Noodle Bar

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East Village, New York City
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  • Gentrifried Chicken
    Gentrifried ChickenJuli 18, 2012
    Fried chicken: Do it! We like the Korean better than the Southern-style here but the fried chicken sides are by far the best in city. Reservations are getting a little easier to come by too! Baca selanjutnya
    Suara positif 1 minggu lalu
  • Ms H.
    Ms HeleneJanuari 20, 2013
    Current special: pork chop on rice, curry and charred pineapple. Balanced sweet and salty flavors, nice char and moreish glaze topped with fresh mint leaves. Get it and the pork buns of course!
    Suara positif 1 minggu lalu
  • Munchies
    MunchiesMei 11, 2015
    Late at night, there is only one ramen option: the signature bowl of chicken and pork broth, wiry noodles, slow-poached egg, and double pork toppings. It may be the best thing ever eaten. Baca selanjutnya
  • Eater
    EaterJanuari 19, 2015
    Eater National 38 member: From Noodle Bar came creations like rice cakes in chile sauce, ramen with pork bone broth, and steamed Chinese buns swabbed with hoisin and folded around pork belly squares. Baca selanjutnya
  • Eater
    EaterJuli 22, 2016
    Chang's pork buns have big, plump slabs of pork belly sticking out from the bun like a cartoon tongue, with clean cucumbers and earthy hoisin sauce between the meat and the dough. Baca selanjutnya
  • Tim J.
    Tim JulienDesember 28, 2012
    Pernah ke sini 10+ kali
    Bring two friends. Get 300 ml of nama honjozo. Get the pork buns. Get a small side. Get the ramen. Oh, and, if you can stand the heat, get the spicy noodles.
  • Eater
    EaterMaret 16, 2016
    The phenomenon David Chang created 12 years ago changed the dining worldwide (and spawned a global empire), striking a crack in upscale formality that spread until the genre shattered. Baca selanjutnya
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceAgustus 4, 2014
    The focus is on ramen – the Japanese adaptation of Chinese lo mein – but with Korean flourishes. Thus, you can get a fiery bowl of radish kimchi or a quintet of meat-stuffed dumplings as an appetizer. Baca selanjutnya
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceAgustus 4, 2014
    The ramen is available in a handful of permutations, foremost of which is "Momofuku ramen": a dense pork broth, an egg that poaches as you watch, and wonderful hunks of fatty, griddle-sauteed pig. Baca selanjutnya
  • What's Good Here
    What's Good HereJuli 20, 2015
    Get these instead of the pork buns if you see them on the specials board: Fried Egg Buns - fried egg and smoked pork loin topped with hollandaise and chives folded into a steamed Chinese bun
  • Natalia C.
    Natalia CruzMei 1, 2015
    Be patient, because you will wait like an hour for a table. Try the brisket buns and of course the Momofuku ramen, if you are looking for something really hot try the Chilled Spiced Noodles.
  • Giovanni D.
    Giovanni D'PalmaJanuari 17, 2015
    Try and get there before they open the doors for dinner and get in line. The cooks bar is an amazing view. pig tails, shiitake buns, smoked wings and the pork ramen were all amazing!
  • Behrad Eats
    Behrad EatsJanuari 20, 2015
    Start off with the Brisket Buns and be ready to taste one of the best thing. Perfectly cooked brisket with horseradish, pickled red onion and cucumber on a soft and chewy bun.
  • Kit&kafoodle
    Kit&kafoodleNovember 24, 2015
    I preferred the Momofuku ramen to the spicy which was a tad spicy and the broth not as tasty. The shrimp Bao is the best Bao I've tasted ever. Better than the pork belly. Do it.
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissAgustus 16, 2011
    Pernah ke sini 10+ kali
    Get the kimchi stew. It is so good they had to take it off the menu. It's blood red from delicious kim chi and filled with slow roasted pork and an abundance of rice cakes. Perfectly spicy, too.
  • Heidi H.
    Heidi HenryJuli 10, 2017
    Lucky enough to quickly snag a table without much of a wait. Also asked about vegan options and servers were knowledgeable and happy to offer me my options. Ginger scallion noodles are vegan.
  • Epicurious
    EpicuriousFebruari 11, 2015
    Forget authenticity here: Chang, who trained at Cafe Boulud and Craft, delivers a creative mishmash of Korean, Japanese, and New American, and his fans wouldn't have it any other way. Baca selanjutnya
  • Ed S.
    Ed SngFebruari 27, 2017
    There is a reason why this place has been popular for so long. The Momofuku ramen was excellent with the soup base not being thick but still full of flavor. The piece da resistance was the pork belly.
  • Eater
    EaterApril 6, 2016
    Over 10 years later, David Chang's first restaurant is still turning out inventive, deeply satisfying, and affordable food. The buns and ramen are all just as good as you remember. Baca selanjutnya
  • Reserve
    ReserveFebruari 3, 2016
    The fried chicken at Momofuku Noodle Bar — 1 southern style chicken & 1 Korean style chicken w/ mu shu pancakes, bibb lettuce, four sauces & an herb basket — is great for sharing with friends. Baca selanjutnya
  • Denis S.
    Denis SosnovtsevMei 20, 2014
    Pernah ke sini 5+ kali
    You have to reserve in advance for the fried chicken dinner and it's only at 6pm or 10pm, but my god just look at that.
    Suara positif Oct 19
  • Adrian P.
    Adrian PhillipsFebruari 3, 2016
    If it's your first time get the Momofuku Ramen. I'd recommend trying any of the buns being offered. The shrimp and brisket buns are great. Feel like a stronger drink, the sake is a healthy pour for $9
  • ZZubin
    ZZubinNovember 24, 2014
    If they have the special al pastor buns, DO NOT flinch, just order. The vegan Hozon ramen is chickpea based and will please even the most carnivorous ramen fan
  • Bommy C.
    Bommy ChaNovember 1, 2015
    Pork buns aren't as good as ippudo's but ramen and ginger scallion noodles are solid. Rice cakes are worth a try but pretty heavy. Great service with fast table turnover so wait is fairly quick.
  • Graylyn R.
    Graylyn RooseJuli 10, 2016
    I enjoyed the cold (SPICY) green noodles. The spicy sausage and cashews inside the dish were excellent. A little pricey and not a very large menu. But try the drink that's a sake smoothie. So good!
  • Joyful B.
    Joyful BellyAgustus 8, 2014
    David Chang's flagship is still putting out some of the best ramen in the city (although he has more competition than when he began) - the pork buns are excellent, and the veggie ramen is spectacular.
  • Heinie Brian H.
    Tried the pork buns, spicy hozon ramen, & pork ramen. Really excellent... Though I didn't like the poached egg in our pork ramen. It's not traditional Japanese ramen that way.
  • New York Post
    New York PostSeptember 21, 2014
    The meal, meant for 4-8 diners comes with four dipping sauces and mu shu pancakes. It must be reserved online in advance and is only available certain days and times. Baca selanjutnya
  • Lauren M.
    Lauren MacOktober 7, 2015
    Great for "beginner" ramen, but still really fun and trendy. Come during off peak because otherwise it's at least an hour wait. Get the Momofuku and try to snag a seat at the bar to watch the experts.
  • PureWow
    PureWowSeptember 9, 2016
    With a reservation you can get the special dinner: one Southern fried chicken, one Korean fried chicken, moo shoo pancakes, four special sauces & an herb basket. Trust us-it’s always the right move. Baca selanjutnya
  • Behrad Eats
    Behrad EatsJanuari 20, 2015
    Come here for some of the best ramen you can get. The Monofuku Ramen with pork belly, pork shoulder and poached egg is absolutely delicious!
  • Cole K.
    Cole KennedyOktober 22
    You can usually get a spot at the bar without much of a wait on a weeknight, if you go by yourself or with a date. The ramen is excellent even if it's lost its status as best in the city.
  • Monrix
    MonrixMaret 14, 2015
    Totally worth the wait. If you are not into early dining it's even better. Got there 11ish and didn't wait for that long. The food is amazing, try the buns! Desserts didn't do it for me though
  • Rick N.
    Rick NijhuisFebruari 16, 2017
    Famous for the steamed buns and ramen but the standout for me was their Brussels sprouts with daikon, miso and topped with Parmesan cheese and pine nuts!
  • Tim D.
    Tim DengJuli 3
    Don’t get the normal pork noodles — you can get that anywhere. The Sichuan sausage noodles my partner got were incredibly interesting (and more importantly tasty)
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupOktober 8, 2010
    Definitely start with the Pork Buns. Then try and devour a bowl of the momofuku ramen (pork belly, shoulder and poached egg). Or plan ahead, make a reservation and have the fried chicken!
  • Kaitlin T.
    Kaitlin TSeptember 17, 2016
    Chilled spicy noodles. Do it. The cashews are candied, and somehow that sweetness magically pairs with the spicy freshness of the basil sauce and the richness of the sausage. It's perfect!
  • Timelessnomad
    TimelessnomadJuni 28, 2013
    Pernah ke sini 5+ kali
    As a vegan I was happily fed here. Started off with the sake slushy, then shiitake bun, then ginger scallion ramen. The noodles were perfectly cooked! I do wish the veg ramen had broth but still yum!
  • What's Good Here
    What's Good HereMei 1, 2015
    Start with the Steamed Pork Buns (Berkshire Pork Belly, Hoisin, Cucumbers, Scallions). Ask for them by name since they may not be on the menu here.
  • Krzysztof L.
    Krzysztof L.November 2, 2016
    After visiting Momofuku in Toronto I've decided to check NY as well. I must say they keep quality. Make sure to book a table ahead because it's crowded place.
  • Kayleigh H.
    Kayleigh HarringtonJanuari 13, 2017
    First time? Go for the momofuku ramen and pork buns. Second time? Try the shiitake buns. You can also get small bowls to split the ramen and noodles.
  • Connie C.
    Connie ChiuDesember 4, 2014
    The ramen is okay but the dry noodle with spicy sausage (I forget the name it's been awhile) is the best. We also got oyster buns here three years ago that were a really good change up from pork buns.
  • Coleman M.
    Coleman McCormickNovember 30, 2014
    The classic Momofuku ramen was incredible, great balance between the freshness of greens and heartiness of the pork fat. Eggs with anything is a win!
  • Gnat B.
    Gnat BrainJanuari 23, 2016
    What more can one say? A NYC institution. Yes $13 ramen is hard to fathom ($40+ if you splurge on the black truffle ramen) but you won't regret it.
  • Ray L.
    Ray LinAgustus 28, 2012
    Modern pork buns should be why you come. Even for a traditionalist when it comes to Chinese food, it's pretty fantastic. Ramen is average, would still go to Ipuddo for that. Ambiance/music are pluses.
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupJuli 19, 2013
    Quoted wait times are often way off from what the hostess tells you. Be sure to hang around close by and constantly check in, as you typically can be seated sooner than expected.
  • Catarina S.
    There is one vegan option and it is delicious!! Go for it. Ginger and mushrooms noodle
  • Rania
    RaniaFebruari 23, 2014
    Everybody loves the pork buns, but make sure to order their amazing Korean kimchi stew! It's off the menu but they'll make it for you. Enjoy that spiciness while sitting at the back bar.
  • Aleson H.
    Aleson HoAgustus 2, 2015
    Creative food. Momofuku ramen is yummy but a bit too salty. The pork buns are incredible.. I didn't see it listed once, but I asked and got it. :) Usually a wait unless you queue before it opens.
  • M B.
    M BytzJuli 4, 2012
    Pernah ke sini 5+ kali
    Unique, luscious takes on ramen. Try the fusion dishes and as many tapas as you can afford. When it's in season, the soju-spiked yuzu slushie is the most refreshing - and addictive - drink in town.
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