Didi C

Didi C

Tacoma, WA
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Las Vegas
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Federal Way
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Didi C
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Didi C
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Didi C
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Didi C
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    Tips Terbaru Didi
    "Yes, it is a bit $$$ for hotpot. However, we eat as much with our 👀 as we do with our 👄, and the beautiful presentation really complements the freshness of the ingredients. Hotpot is sexy again."
    Didi CDidi C · 7 jam lalu
    · Bellevue, Amerika Serikat
    "Best brats & condiment bar EVER! I’m pretty sure I’ve tried all of their mustards (and there are a lot!) and I really do love all of them. The fire pit at the tables keep you toasty, even in winter."
    Didi CDidi C · 7 jam lalu
    Taman Bir
    · Leavenworth, Amerika Serikat
    "Everything tastes so fresh and flavorful; my favorite is the crab fried rice and fried chicken."
    Didi CDidi C · 7 jam lalu
    · Kirkland, Amerika Serikat
    "Good sushi, I especially enjoy the hokkigai (surf clam) nigiri."
    Didi CDidi C · Mei 9, 2018
    · Bellevue, Amerika Serikat
    "Hands down, best chowder I have ever had. I count clams in my chowder the way other ppl count chocolate chips in cookies and I’m pretty sure you get a bite of clam (or is it geoduck?) in every bite."
    Didi CDidi C · Mei 9, 2018
    Hidangan laut
    · Tacoma, Amerika Serikat
    "I think I just found my new favorite restaurant - shrimp and egg over rice is delicious! The portion size is also ridiculously huge - what I ordered will easily serve two. Love it."
    Didi CDidi C · Januari 6, 2018
    Hong Kong
    · Seattle, Amerika Serikat