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Koh Tao
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George Town
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Szabolcs 'csapos' Perlaki
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Szabolcs 'csapos' Perlaki
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    "My choice of bars when in Valletta. Laid-back atmosphere, always friendly staff and they have basically all types of the Gozitan craft beer Lord Chambray on tap, including seasonal ones."
    Bar Bir
    · Valletta, Malta
    "If you like proper techno this is the place on Malta. Not a shitty Paceville club with trendy crap music.. Quality sound system and line-ups."
    Szabolcs 'csapos' PerlakiSzabolcs 'csapos' Perlaki · Desember 5, 2021
    Klub malam
    · Saint John, Malta
    "Quality Chinese place in trendy setting with a short and changing menu, good lunch options. Go for the mapo tofu if available!"
    Szabolcs 'csapos' PerlakiSzabolcs 'csapos' Perlaki · November 24, 2021
    Masakan Cina
    · Budapest, Hungaria
    "Tiny place run by Thai ladies, way better than those mainstream “wok bars” around. Great som tum and nice curry, both not thai-spicy by default, so ask if you like it hot."
    Szabolcs 'csapos' PerlakiSzabolcs 'csapos' Perlaki · Oktober 8, 2021
    · Budapest VIII. kerület, Hungaria
    "Prefer their Lebanese style kebabs. Maybe a bit smaller but cheaper wraps than the average and much tastier! Also have great manakish breads."
    Szabolcs 'csapos' PerlakiSzabolcs 'csapos' Perlaki · Oktober 27, 2020
    · Buġibba, Malta
    "Small and very friendly family run diveshop. Can take you anywhere on Malta and Gozo for really fair prices."
    Szabolcs 'csapos' PerlakiSzabolcs 'csapos' Perlaki · September 25, 2020
    Toko Alat Selam
    · Buġibba, Malta