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I like to eat.

New York
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New York
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    Tips Terbaru 💎T
    "Amazing service. They really do give you the most beautiful nails. I’ve tried 3 other nail salons in this area and they do NOT know how to do acrylics. Come here for them!!"
    💎T💎T · Januari 20, 2019
    Salon Perawatan Kuku
    · La Verne, Amerika Serikat
    "Amazing tapas! Perfect place to rest in between attractions. I loved their fried calamari with squid ink dipping sauce."
    💎T💎T · Januari 18, 2019
    Masakan Portugal
    · Sintra, Portugal
    "Very recommended place for their famous pork sandwiches. The one with cured pork is a bit too salty so I would stick with the original."
    💎T💎T · Januari 18, 2019
    Roti Lapis
    · Porto, Portugal
    "Lovely family run place for breakfast! The husband does an amazing job at front of house explaining the dishes and making you feel comfortable. The wife makes amazing comforting food! Perfect team."
    💎T💎T · Januari 18, 2019
    Bar Anggur
    · Porto, Portugal
    "One of the better places to eat after port wine tasting."
    💎T💎T · Januari 18, 2019
    · Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
    "Their salmon tartar starter is so good! My family and I also got the seafood curry and it comes with a side of rice. It’s enough to share for two people."
    💎T💎T · Januari 18, 2019
    · Porto, Portugal