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Justin Ordoveza


Los Angeles, CA
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Justin Ordoveza
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Justin Ordoveza
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Justin Ordoveza
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Justin Ordoveza
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Justin Ordoveza
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    Tips Terbaru Justin
    "This is Cambodian Chinese food. There is some Vietnamese food. No 14 is good. There is a private parking lot that you have to pay for. Cash only"
    Justin OrdovezaJustin Ordoveza · Maret 13
    Masakan Vietnam
    · Los Angeles, Amerika Serikat
    "They make custom liturgical vestments. An alb takes a month to make and a cassock takes several months."
    Justin OrdovezaJustin Ordoveza · Maret 9
    · Quezon City, Filipina
    "They have interesting and inventive flavors."
    Justin OrdovezaJustin Ordoveza · Maret 9
    Es Krim
    · Quezon City, Filipina
    "There is a nice variety of domestic and imported German beers. The sausage platter is good to share or for one person. They have a good dessert selection."
    Justin OrdovezaJustin Ordoveza · Maret 9
    · Thousand Oaks, Amerika Serikat
    "It’s a weird combo to have döner wraps and boba in one place. Adding the feta cheese makes the wrap salty. There is free parking in the front."
    Justin OrdovezaJustin Ordoveza · Maret 8
    · Los Angeles, Amerika Serikat
    "The carnitas is juicy and fatty. You have the option to get pure meat or with skin. There is about 30 seats inside. The salsa bar is only for dine in. It get’s busy especially on the weekend."
    Justin OrdovezaJustin Ordoveza · Maret 4
    Masakan Meksiko
    · Oxnard, Amerika Serikat