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Jeremy Tan

Jeremy Tan


Wellington, New Zealand
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  • Wellington
  • Lower Hutt
  • Manukau
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Lower Hutt
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Jeremy Tan
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1 tempat termasuk Fishermans Table
Jeremy Tan
1 tempat yang diperbarui
1 tempat termasuk 5th Avenue 99 Cent Pizza
    Tips Terbaru Jeremy
    "While you're here, try their hot Steak and Cheese or Steak and Gravy pies, which have won the award for best pie in NZ in 2013 and 2014. Cheap and delicious!"
    Jeremy TanJeremy Tan · November 2, 2014
    Pasar Swalayan
    · Petone, Selandia Baru
    "If you're looking for an epic fish burger but don't want battered fish, they also do their king-size fish burgers with crumbed fish for $5.50"
    Jeremy TanJeremy Tan · Februari 1, 2014
    Fish & Chips
    · Lower Hutt, Selandia Baru
    "Used to be my favourite kebab place in Wellington, but since they've changed owners the staff (who have changed), the food and the service have all gone downhill. Disappointing."
    Jeremy TanJeremy Tan · November 21, 2013
    · Wellington, Selandia Baru
    "The combo nudlar is good value. Egg noodles with chicken and vegetables with a drink for 65kr - and the amount they give you is huge!"
    Jeremy TanJeremy Tan · Agustus 14, 2013
    Masakan Asia
    · Sweden
    "3 meats on rice FTW.. While you're here, ask for some of the ginger sauce, it's delicious and goes great with rice!"
    Jeremy TanJeremy Tan · April 4, 2012
    Masakan Asia
    · Wellington, Selandia Baru
    "Try the stir fried beef brisket with potato cubes.. Sounds interesting but is delicious!!"
    Jeremy TanJeremy Tan · Maret 16, 2012
    Masakan Cina
    · Te Aro, Selandia Baru