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A passion for knowledge and exploring. I'm a man with a plan and that plan is to know the world and all it has to offer.

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Jason Foldes
3 tempat yang diperbarui Agustus 23, 2017
The private sector locations in Victoria, BC (or cities in the Capital Region District) have either discriminated or refused accountability for customer mistreatment.
Jason Foldes
30 tempat yang diperbarui Desember 10, 2018
Ghosts, poltergeists, sea monsters, aliens, Sasquatch, the city of Victoria has it all. We have the most ghosts sightings per capita than anywhere else in North America.
Jason Foldes
42 tempat yang diperbarui Agustus 22, 2017
If your dog is not a guide dog, don't worry these locations allow dogs of any kind. Some require a leash, others your pooch can run free.
Jason Foldes
7 tempat yang diperbarui April 19, 2022
These are the locations in Victoria, BC where you question their hiring practices. Going in with low expectations is highly recommended, otherwise avoid at all costs.
Jason Foldes
12 tempat yang diperbarui November 8, 2021
If you want to be treated like royalty, these places go above and beyond to please a customer. You will have no qualms about spending your hard earned dollar.
Jason Foldes
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31 tempat termasuk Pagliacci's, Ottavio, Butchart Gardens, Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour
    Tips Terbaru Jason
    "Never do an online delivery. Three times now they have only given half my order. The managers keep saying they will “fix it” but clearly have not. Seriously, how hard is it to ensure the ticket?"
    Jason FoldesJason Foldes · Juli 25, 2020
    · Victoria, Kanada
    "Only one reception desk but multiple other kiosks to do the other work. They wonder why the lineup is always out the door."
    Jason FoldesJason Foldes · Juli 5, 2019
    "The ongoing gag is for every person in line it’s a 15 minute wait. That should tell you how bad this place is."
    Jason FoldesJason Foldes · November 5, 2018
    Makanan Cepat Saji
    · Victoria, Kanada
    "Do yourself a favour and find another way to shop your packages. They also ship DHL. Completely unable to follow delivery instructions. Been waiting two weeks for delivery of my packages. Rude service"
    Jason FoldesJason Foldes · Oktober 16, 2018
    · Victoria, Kanada
    "Nice modern, high tech feel"
    Jason FoldesJason Foldes · Februari 9, 2018
    Layanan Bisnis
    · Victoria, Kanada
    "If it’s a fad it’s here."
    Jason FoldesJason Foldes · Januari 10, 2018
    · Victoria, Kanada