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John Kennedy

John Kennedy


International Distributor of Imprinted Promotional Products to help Promote Your Business or Community Organization. Thanks, in advance, for the follow.

Las Vegas, NV
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John Kennedy
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John Kennedy
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    Tips Terbaru John
    "It's a nice store one the inside, but an eyesore on the outside. They take up 2 to 4 parking lots and store old pallets, dairy boxes and bags of garbage. It's an eyesore... City should look into it!"
    John KennedyJohn Kennedy · April 3, 2018
    Pasar Swalayan
    · Santa Monica, Amerika Serikat
    "If you're picking up ice cream to take home, try to go during the week mid-day... Otherwise you run into a line... Great Ice Cream!"
    John KennedyJohn Kennedy · April 28, 2016
    Es Krim
    · Las Vegas, Amerika Serikat
    "Interesting fast growth area in the Las Vegas Valley. Went to see the new concept homes based on surveys and suggestions by #Millennials of what they want in a home."
    John KennedyJohn Kennedy · April 28, 2016
    Pengembangan Perumahan
    · Henderson, Amerika Serikat
    "A Big Bonus! Great panoramic views the Las Vegas Valley from the restauran"
    John KennedyJohn Kennedy · April 28, 2016
    Lapangan Golf
    · Henderson, Amerika Serikat
    "Click Below & Scroll Down to See What Her Clients have to Say: http://goo.gl/tI8QfX"
    John KennedyJohn Kennedy · Februari 22, 2016
    Real Estate
    · Las Vegas, Amerika Serikat
    "I've never had a bad experience here.... Shell Fish is Very Good... Customer Service is Excellent! Great Patio Dining! Works well for people watching!"
    John KennedyJohn Kennedy · November 22, 2015
    Hidangan laut
    · Henderson, Amerika Serikat