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Suzanne Vegan McQuaid

Suzanne Vegan McQuaid


Vegan checkin addict. I'm beyond help.

Baltimore, MD
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Suzanne Vegan McQuaid
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Suzanne Vegan McQuaid
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Suzanne Vegan McQuaid
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Suzanne Vegan McQuaid
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Suzanne Vegan McQuaid
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Suzanne Vegan McQuaid
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    "Beautiful, creative fluffy vegan donuts!"
    Vegetarian / Vegan
    · Baltimore, Amerika Serikat
    "Can we just give a round of applause for the young kid who’s completely running the show over there? He’s maybe 8, and ran my card, told me how long it would be and was a total gem."
    Masakan Asia
    · Pikesville, Amerika Serikat
    "Owner is very caring and conscientious"
    Suzanne Vegan McQuaidSuzanne Vegan McQuaid · November 23, 2020
    Toko Serba Ada
    · Parkville, Amerika Serikat
    "If you're vegetarian or vegan and get the veggie roll, be aware that you'll likely find roe on your rolls. I do wish they'd be more careful."
    Suzanne Vegan McQuaidSuzanne Vegan McQuaid · Oktober 31, 2020
    Masakan Jepang
    · Owings Mills, Amerika Serikat
    "Super good bubble tea!"
    Suzanne Vegan McQuaidSuzanne Vegan McQuaid · Oktober 14, 2020
    Masakan Korea
    · Owings Mills, Amerika Serikat
    "The beer is good. Beer garden is cute and inexplicably mosquito-free, but the chef seems allergic to vegan options."
    Suzanne Vegan McQuaidSuzanne Vegan McQuaid · September 6, 2020
    Masakan Amerika
    · Ellicott City, Amerika Serikat