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Marta Troicka

Marta Troicka


Eater, writer, and Oxford comma proponent. martasaurus.com

Melbourne, VIC
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North Melbourne
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Glen Iris
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New York
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St Albans
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Marta Troicka
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2 tempat termasuk Ding Dong Lounge, Laundry Bar
Marta Troicka
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1 tempat termasuk Charltons
Marta Troicka
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Marta Troicka
10 tempat yang diperbarui Mei 22, 2015
10 tempat termasuk Hutong Dumpling Bar (胡同), Lentil As Anything, Little Ramen Bar, Kokoro Ramen
    Tips Terbaru Marta
    "Corporate people love this place! Very busy, but service is efficient."
    Marta TroickaMarta Troicka · Maret 14, 2017
    Warung Kopi
    · Melbourne, Australia
    "Best Thai food around Lygon Street (not that there's much to choose from). Lots of vegetarian options! They'll make your dish mega extra spicy if you ask. Bonus: it's BYO."
    Marta TroickaMarta Troicka · Juni 8, 2016
    · Carlton, Australia
    "Get the sesame with grilled jalapeño cream cheese!"
    Marta TroickaMarta Troicka · April 23, 2016
    · Melbourne, Australia
    "Really fresh & delish pizza - but majorly overpriced. The Porcini was superb, and the Pomodoro also stood out but we did not taste any of the promised gorgonzola. Tiramisu = best way to finish a meal."
    Marta TroickaMarta Troicka · Mei 7, 2015
    · Carlton, Australia
    "The white chocolate + berries ganache with the almond crusted french toast: damn!! Also, the UPMA has an interesting pickled lime thing going on. A big yet cozy space, perfect for an early morning."
    Marta TroickaMarta Troicka · Maret 12, 2015
    · Melbourne, Australia
    "The potato cakes are crispy yet soft and totally magnificent. Like the chips, they're topped with an incredible salt-lemon-parsley seasoning."
    Marta TroickaMarta Troicka · Februari 10, 2015
    Fish & Chips
    · Carlton, Australia