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Heather A

Heather A


I eat, cook, drink, explore and make new friends traveling all over with my lil country girl

Fort Worth, TX
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Las Vegas
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Fort Worth
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Heather A
5 tempat yang diperbarui Februari 20, 2020
5 tempat termasuk Luna Grill, Pickles BBQ & Icehouse, Eastbound And Down, Cousin's Bar-B-Q
Heather A
1 tempat yang diperbarui Mei 29, 2012
1 tempat termasuk Whole Foods Market
Heather A
11 tempat yang diperbarui
11 tempat termasuk Ichiban, Chattanooga Audubon, Baskin-Robbins, Rafael's
Heather A
117 tempat yang diperbarui
117 tempat termasuk Mesquit Pit BBQ, Panda Express, Penny's Playtown, Starbucks
    Tips Terbaru Heather
    "The pizza is so freakin good. Most of their food is delicious. The dessert is meh in my opinion, which is my only “complaint”. The staff is always the best!"
    Heather AHeather A · April 13, 2019
    Masakan Italia
    · Azle, Amerika Serikat
    "The staff is amazing. I could rave about them for days. But the food... subpar. And I don’t know what they did to that “queso” but they have no business serving that in the state of Texas."
    Heather AHeather A · April 1, 2018
    Masakan Meksiko
    · Fort Worth, Amerika Serikat
    "Women especially, don’t stay here. Manager is abusive, yelled & used phrases like “shut your mouth” & that as a woman I had no right to “talk back” to him. Narrowly avoided being physically assaulted"
    Heather AHeather A · November 12, 2017
    · Alvin, Amerika Serikat
    "Got home with 2 kids meals that were MISSING food. Called & was rudely told I'd have to drive back with the happy meals & my receipt & speak to the manager, who apparently couldn't come to the phone."
    Heather AHeather A · Oktober 11, 2017
    Makanan Cepat Saji
    · Lewisville, Amerika Serikat
    "It's meh. Nothing great but good enough if you need a quick slice to hold you over as they are thin yet big. Not worth what they think it is though."
    Heather AHeather A · September 30, 2017
    · Denton, Amerika Serikat
    "Yea... not the brightest bunch working here..."
    Heather AHeather A · September 29, 2017
    Es Krim
    · Decatur, Amerika Serikat