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Hong Kong
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Susanna Soo
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Susanna Soo
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Susanna Soo
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Susanna Soo
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Susanna Soo
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Susanna Soo
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    Tips Terbaru Susanna
    "Became my go to tsukemen shop now! Amazing fish base stock noodle is perfect, reasonable price and anime figures add to the fun!"
    Susanna SooSusanna Soo · September 19, 2021
    · Hong Kong
    "Really bad quality, skin is soggy and meat has no taste (or even not fresh taste) don’t go to this one"
    Susanna SooSusanna Soo · September 19, 2021
    · 太和, Hong Kong
    "Nice vibe in a LKF alleyway, this fusion jap izakaya offers some yummy dishes like huge clams in sake broth, seafood tartar, fried chicken cartilage, beef rice pot, and baked cake w/ ice-cream."
    Susanna SooSusanna Soo · Agustus 15, 2021
    Masakan Jepang
    · 中環, Hong Kong
    "So far the best roast meat restaurant in hk island for me! Love their char Siu, so tender with lots of charred bits on the edge. Love to eat with the lai fun (瀬粉) so soothing. Great value!"
    Susanna SooSusanna Soo · Agustus 15, 2021
    Masakan Cina
    · Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    "The premium raw beef pho is not as good as before, both in quantity and in quality. Not very satisfying."
    Susanna SooSusanna Soo · Maret 4, 2020
    Masakan Asia
    · 中環, Hong Kong
    "Too amazing for words. Best yakitori place ever. Call to book between 3-5pm, or come and see if they can sit you after 9pm. Get anything on the menu and you can’t go wrong. And super reasonable price!"
    Susanna SooSusanna Soo · Februari 8, 2020
    · Kyoto, Jepang