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I'm a cocktailian bartender and blogger living in the Phoenix area. Let me make you a Mai Tai some time.

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JK Grence
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JK Grence
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    "Shockingly mediocre for the price. They forgot the second half of “Start with good ingredients, and don’t screw them up.” Patty was rubbery, fries are those starch-coated ones."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · 2 hari lalu
    · Gilbert, Amerika Serikat
    "What kind of weirdos make the only ice cream order allowed “triple scoop, all one flavor”? Where’s the joy in that? But it seems to be working for them, so what do I know."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · Mei 18
    Warung Kopi
    · Phoenix, Amerika Serikat
    "The Bavarian cream’s understated performance steals the show. Pick a coating for your cone, fill with Bavarian cream. Anything else is a distraction."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · April 23
    Pencuci Mulut
    · Mesa, Amerika Serikat
    "If you’re visiting the area for the first time, you have to come have a Big Island Breakfast with Portuguese sausage. There’s a law."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · April 10
    Toko Roti
    · Torrance, Amerika Serikat
    "Wildly expensive for what you get. They want HOW much for a soft serve cone?"
    JK GrenceJK Grence · Maret 18
    · Mesa, Amerika Serikat
    "Possibly the very worst slice of pizza I’ve ever had. Quite the achievement."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · Maret 8
    · Phoenix, Amerika Serikat