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This Week on Lot

This Week on Lot


TWoL is an audio podcast discussing the live music scene. We use foursquare to check-in at the music venues we attend and leave tips.

New York, NY
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New York
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"The festival grounds are setup very well. Crew tends to facilities very nice. Woods camping best for shade, car camping if you dont want to trek your gear."
This Week on LotThis Week on Lot · Agustus 19, 2011
Tidak Dikategorikan
· Ghent, Amerika Serikat
"In the Brewery District, nothing but craft beer selection and great unique pub food. Jukebox, no live music unfortunately but head down the block to the Electric Company after pre-gaming at Nail!"
This Week on LotThis Week on Lot · Februari 9, 2011
Tempat Pembuatan Bir
· Utica, Amerika Serikat
"Cool little sports bar that has a GREAT food menu with multiple specials, .25 wings on Thursdays and 2 for 1 drinks. Vast beer selection and Hampton Comes Alive on the jukebox. Score!"
This Week on LotThis Week on Lot · Februari 9, 2011
Bar Olahraga
· Little Falls, Amerika Serikat
"A restored castle for fine dining upstairs that caters to the hippie crowd in the “dungeon” a really cool pub with amazing food Over 60 different beers available, a great vibe and live music."
This Week on LotThis Week on Lot · Februari 9, 2011
· Little Falls, Amerika Serikat
"Beautiful historic venue. Budget in an extra $10 for a little bottle of champagne to class up your evening. Bonus: the swizzle sticks light up like little blue glowsticks! - Noob Laura"
This Week on LotThis Week on Lot · Februari 1, 2011
Aula Konser
· New York City, Amerika Serikat
"Heavy security at the door with metal detectors but no pat down and lax inside. Buy the Hard Rock cup or bring one from home, if you have one, as drinks are cheaper that way. - SW"
This Week on LotThis Week on Lot · Januari 27, 2011
Loka Musik
· Orlando, Amerika Serikat