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Tristan Jutras


Director of Marketing at Limestone Learning. Producer/Host at MOMENTOUS.TV. Digital Media instructor at UBC and CapU. Friend to robots.

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    Tips Terbaru Tristan
    "Two years in the making, Metro Vancouver finally has a classic arcade we can be proud of. Friendly proprietors, a forthcoming nacho bar, and a wide selection of well-maintained games!"
    Tristan JutrasTristan Jutras · Agustus 11, 2019
    · New Westminster, Kanada
    "Update to Petra's 2011 tip: They still have free WiFi but password no longer required. Note that this also means that the connection is not secure (no encryption)."
    Tristan JutrasTristan Jutras · Desember 13, 2015
    Pasar Swalayan
    · North Vancouver, Kanada
    "Arrive by 11:30 am to avoid crazy lunchtime lineup. That said, the line goes pretty quickly, especially with their new, crazy-fast credit card machine. Note also: cash or credit only (no debit)."
    Tristan JutrasTristan Jutras · November 2, 2015
    Masakan Meksiko
    · Vancouver, Kanada
    "Michael and Esther are very nice, run a cozy little shop, and do beautiful work."
    Tristan JutrasTristan Jutras · Mei 9, 2015
    Toko Bunga
    · Vancouver, Kanada
    "That Mac & Cheese with Beef Brisket. It's so hot right now. And so good."
    Tristan JutrasTristan Jutras · Maret 22, 2015
    · Vancouver, Kanada
    "Now called Valley Moto. Moto Guzzi sales and service the way it should be: with expert-level knowledge and experience, no pressure, friendly demeanour, and great stories. The two Gords are the best!"
    Tristan JutrasTristan Jutras · Maret 21, 2015
    Toko Sepeda Motor
    · Chilliwack, Kanada