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Ha Noi, Vietnam
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TuanPh Anh
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TuanPh Anh
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TuanPh Anh
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    "Swimming pool in house which is quite large and clean. Water is changed about every 3 hours. There's also a pool for children. Rest room and bath room are in different place so it's clean!"
    TuanPh AnhTuanPh Anh · Agustus 19, 2011
    · Vietnam
    "Blue unicorn is the symbol of this café: view, scene, urniture - design are beautiful. But the price is quite hight, the food and beverage is not good. it's hard to find this shop!"
    TuanPh AnhTuanPh Anh · Juni 3, 2011
    Warung Kopi
    · Hoàn Kiếm, Vietnam
    "The staff is not good and professional for a coffee shop. Their behaviours are bad and rude with customer. The price is high and there aren't a lot of food & drink which are even in menu."
    TuanPh AnhTuanPh Anh · Mei 21, 2011
    · Ba Đình, Vietnam
    "Food there has full ingredients & spices to make a good taste. Beside that, there are also more choices for consumers to choose some other food made from chicken. Store is clean & has drinks!! xD"
    TuanPh AnhTuanPh Anh · Mei 17, 2011
    · Hoàn Kiếm, Vietnam