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  • 9.4

    Zeller Bistro

    Restoran Hercegprímás utca 18 Budapest, Budapest

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    • M. A.
      M. A.: "Service: perfect. We were received with champagne. They explained the menu and also let us try some of the local wines to decide which we were going to order. All the food was very good. I recomended!"
  • 9.4

    Szimpla Kert

    Pub Kazinczy u. 14. Budapest, Budapest

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    • Kyriakos G.
      Kyriakos G. 🍺 🍔: "Every Sunday morning this nice ruin pub, transforms itself into a small farmer market with very nice handmade thinks to buy. You can find here, paprika products, excellent cheese, bread and sausages."
  • 9.4

    9 Bar Coffee

    Warung Kopi Lázár u. 7. Budapest, Budapest

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    • Endre J.
      Endre Jofoldi: "After sitting there for an hour and drinking a great latte and eating a cheese cup and paid for everything I was given a complimentary extra coffee. Exceptional service. Congratulations!"
  • 9.5

    Bors Gasztrobár

    Kedai Sup Kazinczy u. 10. Budapest, Budapest

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    • Mónika
      Mónika: "Attention please! There's a danger of addiction if you enter this place! Awesome quality food, lovely staff, funny atmosphere. I've never been disappointed here."
  • 9.4

    Kerkyra Görög Ételbár

    Restoran Yunani Eötvös u. 5. Budapest, Budapest

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    • We Love Budapest
      We Love Budapest: "The gyros here is the type you fold in half and the tasty meat, tzatziki, tirokafteri (picant cheese cream), carrot salad, greek onion, tomatoes, and the indispensable fries are stuffed into it."
  • 9.5

    Espresso Embassy

    Warung Kopi Arany János u. 15. Budapest, Budapest

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    • nasr a.
      nasr abuzaid: "I had a double late, carrot cake and flodni . All were excellent and at a very reasonable price. The staff are very friendly and seems as a family. They got outdoor seating but inside is cool."

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  • 9.4


    Gunung Gellért tér Budapest, Budapest

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    • Fluying ✅.
      Fluying ✅: "Named after bishop Gellért, a venetian monk, who was brought by King István to educate his son. Locals were not all so happy with recent conversion, to Christianity, and through the monk down the hill"
    • Gergő V.
      Gergő Varkoly: "The view is perfect. On a sunny day, pick up your friends, buy rose-wine and soda. Sit on the stairs, make a ("házmester") fröccs, and look at the girls (and view of Budapest too)!"
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    • Gabriela M.
      Gabriela Mo: "One of the most beautiful places in the world! Amazing view. Don't forget to bring your camera. Make a Wikipedia quick research before visiting to make the experience even better. It's unforgettable."
    • Juliana D.
      Juliana Diniz: "My very special place. Unique architecture and stunning views over the Danube. Come before sunset and watch the city lights come up! No words could describe it... my favorite spot in Budapest. 💛"
  • 9.5


    Pulau Margitsziget Budapest, Budapest

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    • Bohár P.
      Bohár Petra: "😊😀👀🌞⛲⚓⛵🚢"
    • Nikka
      Nikka: "Oase of silence where you can relax or do some excersise. It is a huge island with many sport yards, relaxing park zones, cute forest zoo and many culture and refreshing spots surrounded by nature."

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