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  • 9.5


    Bioskop Film Indie 7 Ludlow St New York City, NY

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    • Luke
      Luke: "Nicely curated films and spectacularly curated snacks at this indie theater. There's a date friendly bistro upstairs and the smaller of the two screening rooms is pine scented, no joke"
  • 9.6

    Central Park

    Taman 59th St to 110th St New York City, NY

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    • May ♍.
      May ♍: "I'd consider Central Park as the oasis of NYC. It's a little bit of tranquility in a city that never sleeps. Stop in, grab a map and you can easily spend a whole day exploring this huge park. Enjoy!"
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    • Kayleigh H.
      Kayleigh Harrington: "If you enjoy pens, stationary, calendars, letter press cards or anything else paper related you have come to the right place."
  • 9.4


    Toko Makanan Pencuci Mulut 440 E 9th St New York City, NY

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    • Ani M.
      Ani Mamourian: "11/10. Try ANYTHING, especially the brownie if they have it. Great place to buy chocolates to share with non-vegan friends/family too!!"
  • 9.4

    Sushi by Pescatore

    Restoran Sushi Grand Central Market New York City, NY

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    • Karen
      Karen: "The sushi here is so fresh and delicious! Check out the Pescatore stand, also in Grand Central Market, to buy some of that fresh fish to bring home!"
  • 9.4

    Winter Garden Theatre

    Teater 1634 Broadway New York City, NY

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    • May ♍.
      May ♍: "Spectacular old theatre. Check out the sculpted ceiling and the opera boxes on the sides. Amazing workmanship long gone from newer theatres. Well organized with plenty of help showing you to your seat"

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  • 9.5

    Physique 57

    Gimnasium 161 Ave of the Americas New York City, NY

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    • Gothamist
      Gothamist: "A class (whether you're in a beginner or more advanced one) incorporates cardio, strength training, stretching, and recovery, and you'll be working with a ballet barre the entire time (57 minutes)."
    • Sportaneous
      Sportaneous: "Possibly the most motivating instructors in NYC! They will get you through a thigh, butt, ab, and arm burning hour. No matter your level, this class is always a great workout. TIP: buy the socks!!"
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    • [Princess]
      [Princess]: "This park is a winner. Absolutely gorgeous view of the city skyline. Just an outstanding and lovely place to be. You will be in awe and amazed."
    • Escape C.
      Escape Cardona: "I have been visiting this park for the last 10 years. Watched it grow into a massive park. One of my favorite places in NYC.The view of the skyline is awesome. Note:gets crowded , hard to park."
  • 9.5

    The Garden at St. Luke in the Fields

    Kebun 487 Hudson St New York City, NY

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    • May ♍.
      May ♍: "This is a peaceful, rustic, charming garden attached to the church. Lots of beautiful flowers, butterflies and nature sounds. The quietness here is the calmness you need in the crazy city that is NYC!"
    • Anthony L.
      Anthony LaRusso: "Be sure and silently thank the parish and their owners for trusting New Yorkers enough to give them this delicious taste of solitude. Good karma surely will come flying back to you& everyone involved!"

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