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Berikut beberapa tips populer di New York. Pilih selera untuk melihat lainnya:

Foursquare membantu kamu menemukan tempat bagus di New York untuk dikunjungi bersama teman:

  • 9.4

    Sottocasa Pizzeria - Harlem

    Tempat Pizza 227 Malcolm X Blvd New York City, NY

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (29 tips):

    • Harlem A.
      Harlem Ambassador: "Leave Halal\ Kosher dietary restrictions at the door, and be sure to try that Talleggio & Prosciutto pizza which takes all of (2) minutes to perfect. Pizza, wine, salad and not much else! Authentic!"
  • 9.5

    Astor Wines & Spirits

    Kedai Anggur 399 Lafayette St New York City, NY

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (123 tips):

    • Dens
      Dens: "Don't fear "the cold room" (the glass room near the customer service booth). Yes the expensive stuff is here, but there's also great $20-30 bottles to be found. The cold room is always my first stop."
  • 9.5

    Los Tacos No. 1

    Kedai Taco 229 W 43rd St New York City, NY

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (136 tips):

    • Eater
      Eater: "The right move is the al pastor, pork spinning on a spit, crisped on the griddle, stuffed into a corn tortilla, and garnished with pineapple, and incorrectly, guacamole. Ask them to hold the guac."
  • 9.7

    Central Park

    Taman 59th St to 110th St New York City, NY

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (1807 tips):

    • Leigh Ann
      Leigh Ann: "Love my park. I've been taking 6 mile walks around Central Park 3 times a week. Sheep's Meadow is a great place to hang out for a picnic. Tavern on the Green is an awesome spot to grab a drink."
  • 9.5

    Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 5

    Dermaga Brooklyn Bridge Pk Greenway Brooklyn, NY

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (38 tips):

    • jake f.
      jake furst: "it's happening! next leg of the park is opening this fall, including 3 soccer fields, BBQ's, picnic tables, playground, a promenade and fishing pier."
  • 9.4

    Los Tacos No. 1

    Kedai Taco 75 9th Ave New York City, NY

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (493 tips):

    • Jhokania D.
      Jhokania D.: "Wow just as I'm heading out of NYC, I find a powerhouse! Los Tacos is authentic and their adobado taco comes with pineapples which is a really nice twist. Flavors are just fantastic. Def top 3 !!"

Orang-orang membicarakan tempat-tempat ini di New York:

  • 9.6

    Conservatory Garden

    Kebun 1231 5th Ave New York City, NY

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (60 tips):

    • May ♍.
      May ♍: "Breathtakingly beautiful! The horticulturists do a magnificent job with this conservatory.With benches surrounded around bushes&flowers there're so many places to sit, hangout, go on a date, or sketch"
    • Anna L.
      Anna L: "A NYC must.Many of the flowers beds are replanted for Spring and again in Summer so they are ever changing. Come at end of May - might be lucky to get some flower 'giveaways!' when the season changes."
  • 9.5

    High Line

    Taman btwn Gansevoort & W 34th St New York City, NY

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (1514 tips):

    • Marina
      Marina: "You can walk from 14th to 34th and not realize you walked all the way to midtown. Love that there's so many benches and places to sit so you can just chill out, look at art and think."
    • Mark B.
      Mark Bramhill: "A great park. Start at the southern tip and walk the full way north past Hudson Yards. The new northern expansion is my favorite part — quieter, more natural. Gives you a new perspective on the city."
  • 9.5

    St. Patrick's Cathedral

    Gereja 14 E 51st St New York City, NY

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (300 tips):

    • May ♍.
      May ♍: "Beautiful cathedral with stained glass windows and carvings. Built in 1879, the majestic gothic architecture will just leave you in awe. St. Patrick's Cathedral is a really wondrous tourist attraction"
    • Irving G.
      Irving Gonzales: "An amazing restoration project underway to remove 130 years of grime & pollutants, and structurally restore the stone construction. Beautiful work so far. And then, there are the services…spiritual."

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