Foursquare membantu kamu menemukan tempat bagus di Sydney untuk dikunjungi bersama teman:

  • 9.6

    Mrs. Macquarie's Point

    Tempat Pemantauan Indah Mrs Macquaries Rd. Sydney, NSW

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    • Nao
      Nao: "ミセスマッコリーズチェアのある岬の先端にオペラハウスとハーバーブリッジが一望出来る展望スポット。多くの方が写真撮影に来られていて、何組の方からか写真撮影を頼まれました。王立植物園内にあるため健康ジョギングで走っている方も多く、ぶつからないよう写真撮影時は注意された方が良いと思います。"
  • 9.5

    Sydney Opera House

    Gedung Opera 2 Macquarie St Sydney, NSW

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    • Stephen W.
      Stephen Weber: "While the Opera House is mighty impressive up close, check out the views of it from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Cahill Walk, or the Overseas Passenger Terminal for a good, less crowded view."
  • 9.5

    Gelato Messina

    Toko Es Krim 389 Crown St Surry Hills, NSW

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    • Gary L.
      Gary Liang: "Pro tip: If you are with another person, instead of buying individual scoops, pool together and buy half a litre. This is cheaper than both of you buying two scoops!"
  • 9.4

    Social Brew Cafe

    Kafe 224 Harris Street Pyrmont, NSW

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (36 tips):

    • Jacky Y.
      Jacky Yan: "This is really my favorite cafe in Sydney to have my breakfast. Smoked salmon with avocado mash and salad on Pitt bread, along with a flat white coffee. You have to come and try 👍"
  • 9.3

    Oak Barrel

    Toko Minuman Keras 152 Elizabeth St. Sydney, NSW

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (15 tips):

    • Ryan C.
      Ryan Chou: "This shop has very deep stocks and also wonderful tastes. Sakes, whiskeys, wines and craft beers are all in. Beers' price are very responsible, some rare beers also can find. Very friendly staffs"
  • 9.4

    Sydney Opera House - Playhouse

    Teater 2 Macquarie St Sydney, NSW

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    • Marcio C.
      Marcio Cacao: "If u come to Sydney and don't see it... u r crazy! hahahaLove to have some beers on its walkway by the river!"

Orang-orang membicarakan tempat-tempat ini di Sydney:

  • 9.5

    Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Jembatan Bradfield Hwy Sydney, NSW

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    • Jessica
      Jessica: "You don't have to pay 200 Dollars for the view. Just walk over to Kirribilli! It's a 25 minute stroll and free. Start from Cumberland St at The Rocks. There's a stair with a sign that leads you up."
    • Epicurean .
      Epicurean 🗼dventures: "Many ways 2 appreciate d bridge up close. U can also get a unique perspective of Sydney cityscape from here. If u hv time 2 spare, it's worth exploring."
  • 9.5

    Manly Beach

    Pantai North Steyne Manly, NSW

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (147 tips):

    • Ting
      Ting: "Spend at least a couple of hours here to chill and watch the waves roll. The 30mins ferry ride from Circular Quay to here is a great way to sightsee Sydney Harbour."
    • Rune S.
      Rune Sovndahl: "Manly beach is large and there is space it's got sand and surf and it's nice to visit, and the number of bars along the strip makes it good for the les discerning beech goer and worthwhile"
  • 9.4

    Sydney Harbour National Park

    Taman Nasional Pacific St. Watsons Bay, NSW

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (6 tips):

    • Leslie S.
      Leslie Swearingin: "Wear your walking shoes and bring a camera to capture the great views"
    • Adriana
      Adriana: "Such a gorgeous view, will definitely go for a walk there!"

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