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Berikut beberapa tips populer di Utrecht. Pilih selera untuk melihat lainnya:

Foursquare membantu kamu menemukan tempat bagus di Utrecht untuk dikunjungi bersama teman:

  • 9.5

    Roberto Gelato

    Toko Es Krim Poortstraat 93 Utrecht, Utrecht

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (40 tips):

    • Jelmer L.
      Jelmer Laks: "One of the best ice cream parlors in Utrecht. Pick any flavor and enjoy. Eat your ice cream at the park just around the corner at restaurant goesting."
  • 9.1


    Kedai Sandwich Schoutenstraat 12 Utrecht, Utrecht

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (61 tips):

    • Britt W.
      Britt Weijermars: "The sandwiches they serve are the best in town. Always fresh, thousand kinds of cheese or ham, and combinations I would or could never make at home. Omnomnom"
  • 9.3


    Loka Musik Bemuurde Weerd Westzijde 3 Utrecht, Utrecht

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (27 tips):

    • Auston D.
      Auston Duncan: "It's pretty small for a venue but has everything you need. Wardrobe, smoke area, cafe to hangout, bar area an in the back is the club! Staff are very friendly, people are easy to talk too. Solid!"
  • 9.3

    Il mulino

    Toko Es Krim Adelaarstraat 2-4 Utrecht, Utrecht

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (17 tips):

    • Femke
      Femke: "Very good icecream, especially yoghurt and sorbet flavours!"
  • 9.0

    Café Derat

    Bar Lange Smeestraat 37 Utrecht, Utrecht

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (31 tips):

    • Alper Ç.
      Alper Çuğun: "A cosy Utrecht bar with a good selection of beers and a solid set of regulars (including a cat!). This is a type of cafe that is nearing extinction so any occasion to go here is a good one."
  • 9.5

    Kasteel De Haar

    Puri Kasteellaan 1 Haarzuilens, Utrecht

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (40 tips):

    • Anastasiya S.
      Anastasiya Surikova: "This place worth visiting. Luxurious interiors of the castle will impress everyone greatly! Recommend to go through the rooms. Undoubtedly, the park is also remarkable!"

Orang-orang membicarakan tempat-tempat ini di Utrecht:

  • 9.2


    Taman Koningslaan Utrecht, Utrecht

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (24 tips):

    • Jeremy A.
      Jeremy Akers: "Nicest park in Utrecht. If you're into sun or would rather find some shade there's a cut for with your name on it. Great for a picnic, a spot of football, or some slacking. With an AlbertHein closeby"
    • Hartje U.
      Hartje Utrecht: "Mijn favoriete Utrechtse park. (En dat komt echt niet alleen omdat ik hier vlakbij woon hoor.) 's Zomers één groot BBQ grasveld en 's winters schaatsen op de vijver. In ieder seizoen prachtig."
  • 9.1


    Monumen / Tengaran Domplein 9 Utrecht, Utrecht

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (32 tips):

    • 4SQ S.
      4SQ SU Netherlands: "You ever wanted to see the city of Utrecht from above. Then you have to climb up the 465 steps of the Dom Church to get at an altitude of 112 meters above sealevel to have a magnificient view."
    • Trang M.
      Trang Moc: "View from the top (122m) is definitely worth climbing up 462 steps and 9euro. Buy ticket at the info centre and wait for tourguide (not allow to go into the tower w/o ticket and tourguide)"
  • 9.2


    Galeri Seni Rijksstraatweg

    Orang-orang juga mengatakan (4 tips):

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