Keihan Kitahama Station (KH02) is one of Osaka.

1. Keihan Kitahama Station (KH02)

(京阪 北浜駅)
中央区北浜1-8-16, Osaka, 大阪府
Stasiun Kereta · 中央区 · 12 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Where we're staying

National Museum of Art, Osaka is one of Osaka.

2. National Museum of Art, Osaka

北区中之島4-2-55, Osaka, 大阪府
Museum Seni · 中之島 · 19 tips dan ulasan

Julio R.Julio Romo: Incredible museum. Amongst many contemporary artists you have Rothko's, Dali's and Picasso's.

Osaka Museum of History is one of Osaka.

3. Osaka Museum of History

中央区大手前4-1-32, Osaka, 大阪府
Museum Sejarah · 中央区 · 28 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: A 10 storey museum of Osaka's history. It features some interesting artifacts, photos and large scale models. It's across the street from Osaka castle.

Osaka Castle is one of Osaka.

4. Osaka Castle

中央区大阪城1-1, Osaka, 大阪府
Puri · 中央区 · 202 tips dan ulasan

Vince O.Vince Olano: A lot to see and earn about Japan's history and is one of the most picturesque places if not the best in Osaka.

Dotonbori is one of Osaka.

5. Dotonbori

Osaka, 大阪府
Selingkungan · 77 tips dan ulasan

Hana L.Hana Lee: Try okonomiyaki at Chibo, takoyaki at honkeotaco(street shop), and ramen at kinryu ramen or kamakura ramen!

Sennichimae Shopping Street is one of Osaka.

6. Sennichimae Shopping Street

中央区千日前1/難波1/道頓堀1, Osaka, 大阪府
Pusat Perbelanjaan · 中央区 · 3 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street is lined with specialty stores of all kinds of cooking utensils and kitchen items.

Hozenji Yokocho is one of Osaka.

7. Hozenji Yokocho

中央区難波1, Osaka, 大阪府
Jalan · 道頓堀 · 5 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Hozenji Alley is a old narrow stone path behind Hozenji Temple. The path is lined with friendly traditional restaurants, shops and bars. Baca selengkapnya.

PURE is one of Osaka.


中央区心斎橋筋2-3-12 (ダイヤモンドビル B1F), Osaka, 大阪府
Klub malam · 道頓堀 · 5 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: all you can drink for 3000 yen men/ 2000 yen women

Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street is one of Osaka.

9. Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street

中央区, Osaka, 大阪府
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RegReg: And what a long shopping street it is, right all the way up to Namba! There's UNIQLO, Sanrio Gallery for the Hello Kitty fanatics, clothing stores, Lotteria, bookstores, arcades, etc. Shopping heaven!

America-mura is one of Osaka.

10. America-mura

Osaka, 大阪府
Selingkungan · 19 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: A large shopping and entertainment district popular with young people and foreign residents of Osaka. It's similar to Harajuku in Tokyo. Baca selengkapnya.

King's tone Lounge is one of Osaka.

11. King's tone Lounge

中央区西心斎橋1-8-16 (中西ビル 3F), Osaka, 大阪府
Loka Musik · アメリカ村 · 2 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Reggae bar.

club Joule is one of Osaka.

12. club Joule

中央区西心斎橋2-11-7 (南炭屋町ビル 2F-4F), Osaka, 大阪府
Klub malam · アメリカ村 · 5 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: This is a wildly popular club in the frenetic Shinsaibashi area of Osaka. It has a definitely mainstream music policy but the atmosphere is casual and friendly.

Space Station is one of Osaka.

13. Space Station

中央区西心斎橋2-13-3 (西心斎橋岩村ビル 2F), Osaka, 大阪府
Bar · アメリカ村 · 12 tips dan ulasan

Aryan J.Aryan J: Visit this expat bar where patrons play Famicom, Nintendo, Super Famicom, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Dreamcast, Playstation (1, 2, or 3), XBox 360, N64 or Wii favorites. Drinks start at 500 yen.

Live & Bar 11 (onzieme オンジエム) is one of Osaka.

14. Live & Bar 11 (onzieme オンジエム)

中央区西心斎橋1-4-5 (御堂筋ビル 11F), Osaka, 大阪府
Klub Rock · アメリカ村 · 2 tips dan ulasan
Kuromon Market is one of Osaka.

15. Kuromon Market

中央区日本橋2-4-1, Osaka, 大阪府
Pasar · 中央区 · 86 tips dan ulasan

Erik T.Erik Tan: Plenty of fresh seafood to eat. Reduced price when the market is about to close. Good bargain

16. Namba Nannan

中央区難波5, Osaka, 大阪府
Pusat Perbelanjaan · 難波 · 9 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Let's get this straight: Umeda is alright for a jaunt, but Osaka's minami is where it's really at. Always full of surprises and new discoveries around the corner or down the alley! Baca selengkapnya.

Namba Parks is one of Osaka.

17. Namba Parks

浪速区難波中2-10-70, Osaka, 大阪府
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Kitashinchi Station is one of Osaka.

18. Kitashinchi Station

北区梅田1-3 (JR東西線), Osaka, 大阪府
Stasiun Kereta · 梅田 · 16 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Kitashinchi is a former pleasure district that features a variety of small upscale bars, clubs and restaurants. It's where local business men take their clients for an expensive night on the town.

The Blarney Stone is one of Osaka.

19. The Blarney Stone

北区曾根崎2-10-15 (曽根崎センタービル 6F), Osaka, 大阪府
Pub Irlandia · 7 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Lively Irish pub in the heart of Umeda with live bands, darts and pool. There’s Guinness and Kilkenny on tap, plus a large selection of international and Japanese brewed ales. Baca selengkapnya.

ロイヤルホース is one of Osaka.

20. ロイヤルホース

兎我野町15-13 (ミユキビル 1F), 北区, 大阪府
Loka Jazz dan Blues · 5 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Jazz club.

21. ベルジャンビアプラス ドルフィンズ umeda

北区芝田1-5-2 (大和ビル1F), Osaka, 大阪府
Bar Bir · 11 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: A beer garden!

Billboard Live Osaka is one of Osaka.

22. Billboard Live Osaka

北区梅田2-2-22 (ハービスPLAZA ENT B2F), Osaka, 大阪府
Loka Jazz dan Blues · 20 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: This is an intimate supper club with top jazz, soul, R&B and folk performers every night. The sound system is excellent and Billboard’s in-house restaurant and bar serve tasty food and drinks.

Kiji is one of Osaka.

23. Kiji

(お好み焼き きじ)
北区大淀中1-1-90 (梅田スカイビル B1F 滝見小路), Osaka, 大阪府
Restoran Okonomiyaki · 梅田 · 49 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: #2 on TripAdvisor Baca selengkapnya.

24. Shinsekai

Osaka, 大阪府
Selingkungan · 15 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Today Shinsekai has a reputation as one of Japan's poorest and most dangerous areas. It has loads of cheap restaurants, souvenir shops, mahjong clubs, and pachinko parlors.

JR Noda Station is one of Osaka.

25. JR Noda Station

(JR 野田駅)
福島区吉野3-1-12 (大阪環状線), Osaka, 大阪府
Stasiun Kereta · 福島区 · 9 tips dan ulasan

Edwin S.Edwin Shao: Near wholesale market and ramen factory. Baca selengkapnya.

Endo Sushi is one of Osaka.

26. Endo Sushi

福島区野田1-1-86 (大阪市中央卸売市場本場), Osaka, 大阪府
Restoran Sushi · 福島区 · 57 tips dan ulasan

Krisnapong B.Krisnapong Bunnag: The history of Endo Sushi goes way back more than a century to 1907. Try the ‘omakase おまかせ’ (5 pcs of ‘chef’s choice’ sushi where 1 pcs is always Toro). Endo Sushi is not something you’d want to miss.

Cherry Bomb is one of Osaka.

27. Cherry Bomb

東心斎橋2-4-8 (ジュノン八幡ビル5F), 大阪市中央区, 大阪府
Bar · 2 tips dan ulasan