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  • SAADikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    SAADNovember 25, 2016
    Half Chicken (Lemon and Herb) 🍗with two sides of wedges and garlic bread has been my favorite order👌🏼😍 Ask the waitress for Nando's mayo, it's soo good with the food 🙌🏼
  • mcel s.
    mcel sofiaDesember 9, 2016
    Delicioso.....but had to wait for almost 2 hours...wahhhh...when they say mild spicy..its still spicy..wedges so nice..and liver appeteasers is also good:)
  • Jarallah A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Jarallah AlghizziJuli 31, 2017
    I'm really on the fence with this one.On the one hand, it's Frikken Nando's, resurrected from the dead.On the other, it's much pricier than before, & portions- especially salad- is ridiculously small.
  • Salma B.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Salma BasaffarMaret 5, 2017
    Pernah ke sini 5+ kali
    The best marinated grilled chicken in Portuguese way 😍 but I wish the waiting que become more effective to be direct to the cashier with table number 😉👌🏼 just like london and other countries
  • Badr
    BadrFebruari 23, 2019
    كرنفال وراب ساندويتش
  • Saud A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Saud AlghizziJanuari 16, 2017
    Nando's needs to hire waiters that are dedicated to serving people, not making them feel uncomfortable. Waiter was telling me details on how he was waiting on my table, & how he deserved to get a tip!
  • AlAnoud A A.
    AlAnoud A AlGhunaimJanuari 30, 2017
    Lively and family-friendly .. decor is decent, typical Nando's. service was great, their peri peri sauce is a bliss. Espetada Carnival👌🏻 but don't get it too hot. Chicken wings👏🏻❤️Coming back❤️
  • 🫧 تركي 🫧ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    🫧 تركي 🫧November 27, 2016
    الدجاج طازج وجوسي والقطع كبيرة ومشوية بطريقة مثالية.اذا ضربك الجوع الشديد وتبغى وجبة تمخمخ عليها اطلب نص دجاجة مع اختيارك من نوعين طلبات جانبية زي الخضار او البطاطس او الرز او سلطة الملفوف وادعس💨🏃🏻
  • Aikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    ADesember 30, 2016
    Waiting for 2 hours to get a table 😐carnival espitada is very yummy 😋 but butterfly chicken is not good 😰 waiters are very friendly and cuute ❤️❤️
  • A̴z̴i̴z̴ .ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    A̴z̴i̴z̴ 🏖September 10, 2017
    الأطباق لذيذة 👌🏻✨ ، صلصاتهم الحارة رهيييبة 🔥 ، النوادل خدومين و جانا النادل أثناء الأكل يتفقدنا ، فيه قسم أفراد و قسم عائلات ، ممتاز و يستحق الزيارة مرة أخرى ❤.
  • Khalid .ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Khalid 🕊Desember 23, 2016
    Nice place, make sure u plane 1 hour ahead if u need to go there in the weekend either male or female section(u can visit jareer). The price is reasonable, the staff are good. My overall rating 7/10.
  • Mohammad
    MohammadSeptember 6, 2017
    WARNING:hot sauce is really hot and I don't mean nose bleed hot i mean Dragon breath hot i can't emphasize mor on that it hearts going in and it will heart going out🤧carnival espitada is the best
  • Bedour  ✨ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Bedour ✨Januari 15, 2017
    Finally a taste of South Africa💕Chicken espida with cheese and Nandos sandwich with cole slaw were really good👏🏻 ساندوتش ناندوز مع سلطة الكول سلا كانت لذيذة
  • Mikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    MNovember 22, 2016
    جميل ياخي وبس ،،، يذكرك ببريطانيا ، طبعا قعدت ساعه لين جاني الدور وشي طبيعي بسبب الزحمه ويستاهل كل دقيقه انتظرت فيها
  • Ahmad A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Ahmad AlfilimbanyAgustus 26, 2017
    Very family friendly restaurant. The service is fast and the staff are very helpful. I recommend the Chicken butterfly with grilled vegetables and chips. If you want a light wrap go for Chicken Cesar
  • Manar A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Manar AlshammariMaret 14, 2017
    Would come back for the espetada tho.. when the place is less trendy and panic is over.
  • Ma$hael A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Ma$hael Al-HFebruari 18, 2017
    Ispitada with lemon and herbs is my all times favourite ❣
  • Fadwa E.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Fadwa EzzatDesember 17, 2019
    everything was a yum, especially chicken
  • Chef T.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Chef TakiMei 5, 2017
    Grilled chicken wings (peri-Peri-chicken) is signature dish in here. The spicy level is very sharp. I recommend plane or lemon/herbs for non spicy lovers
  • Abdullah ♉.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Abdullah ♉️Desember 9, 2016
    اجواء المطعم لطيفه جدا بيفتح اكثر من فرع وبتخف الزحمه على هذا الفرع وبرضو في حال افتتاح المطاعم الباقيه بالمجمع راح يخف الضغط عليه الدجاج عندهم حاجه ثانيه 😍❤️
  • S A.
    S AFebruari 3, 2017
    Keep in mind that chicken espetada is thighs not breasts, so if you only like chicken breasts you might not enjoy this dish, just like me
  • Nouph A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Nouph ADJanuari 1, 2017
    Butterfly chicken, Carnival espitada was very delicious 😋 the sauces were all spicy 🌶 service was good. الخدمة جيدة الأكل لذييذ انصح بدجاج بترفلاي والاستيبادا، الصوصات كلها حااااارة
  • Alanoudikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    AlanoudFebruari 2, 2017
    أول تجربه لي حبيته، طولنا وإحنا ننتظر لكن يستاهل ، حبيت الديكور أجواءه جدًا لطيفه،الإيسبتادا كان طريّ ويذوب ، الرز ماحبيته أخواتي حبوه ، البطاطس جدًا لذيذ السيزر كانت لذيذه بالرغم من ان تقديمها مايغري
  • Shoaib A.
    Shoaib AsgharJuni 25, 2017
    On of the best chicken I have ever tasted. That lemon herb sauce is the best thing in the world 😍♥️
  • Dr F.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Dr FoodieOktober 1, 2017
    Great heatly choice & family frienly restaurant but not as great as their Branches in London; Try Grilled 1/2 Chicken with their hot sauce or chicken breast in pitta with cheese + Peri Peri fries 🍟
  • Sattam I.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Sattam IbrJanuari 19, 2017
    جميل كاباقي فروعه بالخليج بس فرق السماء عن فروعه بالمملكة المتحدة بس لذيذ يعيبه الزحمة والانتظار والسبب لانه فرع واحد غير البطئ بتقديم الخدمة اخذ مني انتظار طاولة والطلب حول ٤٠ دقيقة
  • Whennoufeatsikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    WhennoufeatsAgustus 15, 2017
    3 chicken wings, Spicy mixed olives, Garlic bread, Espetada, French fires, Chargrilled veg, Lemon & mint and Madeira red
  • Manar A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Manar AlshammariMaret 14, 2017
    Had the wing roulette and the espetada carnival. espetada was perfect.however the chicken wings were burnt and the spice overpowered all the other flavors. Service is garbage place is warm and crowded
  • س ..ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    س .خNovember 28, 2016
    الأكل كان طعمه حار سواء رئيسي او جانبي رغم إني طلبت يكون المُعتدل،جو المكان و الديكور باللوحات اللي فيه جداً جميل ، طبيعي تنتظر من ساعة ونص الى ساعتين بين إنتظار مكان و طلب،العاملين كانوا جداً لطيفين.
  • Mohammedikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    MohammedJanuari 17, 2017
    African Portuguese Resturant , friendly waiters ,great food, you have to choose spicy class ( to much , hot , mid , cold .. ) I love it
  • Ahmed S.
    Ahmed SaeedMaret 9, 2018
    The espetada looks AMAZING! But i prefer the regular chicken because it was not well grilled and not well infused with the marination considering they're just cubes. Service is top notch though💯
  • Wassimikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    WassimJuni 3, 2017
    Good service, casual and good for groups. Try espetada carnival (peri-peri chicken stuffed with feta cheese) along with 2 sides.
  • E .
    E 🤍Juli 8, 2017
    Chicken carnival espadata with lemon and herb sauce😍👌Best marinated chicken I've had in a while. It was tender and juicy yet not greasy.
  • Abdulrahman A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Abdulrahman A.Maret 14, 2018
    Pernah ke sini 5+ kali
    If you ever wanted some spicy tasty chicken this place is for my opinion they serve the best espetada alongside “the butcher shop”.
  • Mikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    MDesember 16, 2016
    The decoration is wonderful 👌🏻 I reccomend For appetizers " All together now" and for the main course , chicken Butterfly , mushroom halloumi Wrap😍😍!!
  • Omer B.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Omer Bin SohailDesember 12, 2016
    Rice and supplements serving in jar caps😐....quantity less😂 ,taste great😙.....but i had to take extra meal after an hr, 3 spoons of rice & 4 spoons of salads wid 5 pieces of boneles chken on top 🤔
  • Lama F.
    Lama FahadFebruari 9, 2018
    (اشبيتادا كارنيفال مع رز و خبز الثوم ) خرافي الدجاج مره لذيذ اخذت درجة الحرارة (حار) تمنيت اني اخذت معتدل لان مرررره حار صار وخبز الثوم تمنيت اني بدلته ببطاطس لان ماكان لذيذ، و(تشكين سيزار راب) وسط
  • Muneera I.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Muneera IsmailDesember 25, 2016
    They are famous for their espitda, it's delicious and spicy also they have nice selection of salads overall I give it 7/10, but they need to maintain the rest room
  • 🫧 تركي 🫧ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    🫧 تركي 🫧November 27, 2016
    Excellent for groups, cozy ambiance and music playing in the background.
  • Haya A.
    Haya AlrasheedApril 24, 2017
    جربت هالطبق و برقر صدر دجاج البرقر ابد مو شي ما يستاهل بس هذا جبببار و الذرة و الفرايز حقتهم 🔥🔥 من المطاعم اللي يستاهل ارجع لها 👌🏻 بالويكند فل زحمه و ويتنق ساعة وفوق
  • Sarfaraz S.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Sarfaraz ShaikhJanuari 7, 2017
    well i must say its better than what i tried in singapore and malaysia food perfect staff perfect AAMIR the server from srilanka he is awesome
  • Asma ♡ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Asma ♡November 20, 2016
    Pernah ke sini 5+ kali
    كل شي لذيذ ... أحب البترفلاي تشكن .. تكون صدر دجاج بدون عظم .. و الخضار المشوية ... سلطة سيزر بالدجاج لذيذة ... و مره ثانية كل شي عالمنيو لذيذ ...
  • Adel S.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Adel SMaret 11, 2017
    Very tasty food
  • Ashwag A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Ashwag AhmedJuli 28, 2017
    Carnival espadata and butterfly were the best 💜💜 , I will recommend this restaurant to everyone it was great experience 👌🏻👌🏻
  • manal87ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    manal87Februari 11, 2017
    اجنحه الدجاج لذيذه ، اسبيتادا كرنفال و اسبيتادا العاديه مره لذيذات وكل طلب يجي معه ٢ طلب جانبي ، الرز كان غير جيد، البطاطس ودجز لذيذ ، اسعاره مرتفعه على الكميات ، حتى لو طلبت مايلد يضل سبايسي
  • Lamoikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    LamoNovember 22, 2016
    Perfect, organized, tasty, friendly stuff and mangers, i went there the 2nd day of opening, i have to wait 2 hours to enter but it worth it
  • Muathikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    MuathNovember 23, 2016
    Chicken esbeda extreme hot the best
  • Ibrahim M.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Ibrahim MohammedSeptember 20, 2018
    The Butterfly Chicken was amazing and juicy. Recommend 😋
  • Ryanah A.ikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    Ryanah AlSaifAgustus 18, 2017
    The hummus with peta bread is good but the Ispitada with lemon and herbs is the reason you wait for a table 😍
  • Hudaikon hati pada gambar pengguna
    HudaJanuari 26, 2017
    Great food. BUT a supervisor named Yossif is SO RUDE everyone was annoyed by him ✋🏼
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